Europe’s Best Kept Secret…The Baltic Coastline

The Baltic Coastline

Jurmala, Lativa - Jewel of the Baltic Coastline

Jurmala, Latvia

 We have been offering holidays to the Baltics for 14 years – we have seen many changes, there and closer to home. In 1999 if we asked people had they heard of ‘Vilnius’ people often gave us a blank stare, then people presumed it was a cold grey city full of soviet blocks and shifty men in long overcoats. Finally the word is out that the Baltic capitals are beautiful, charming, historical, and a wonderful place to visit.

So now it’s on to our next challenge; the Baltic Coastline.

Nida, Lithuania - Nestled in the Baltic Coastline

Nida, Lithuania

Relax with a charming Baltic Coastline holiday:

Let’s say it upfront, no beating around the bush, it is not the Mediterranean. We could jazz it up and call it the Mediterranean of the North, but why bother? The Baltic coastline has enough beauty, fun, glamour and glorious beaches of its own. It is a wonderful beach destination in its own right and we think one of the best kept secrets in Europe.

Weather – now for us Brits (Americans and Australians you might want to ignore this paragraph as us Brits do like to talk about and clarify the weather) sunshine is important, believe me I understand this we are based in Manchester. So can we guarantee you 2 weeks of sun? No is the honest answer, the weather is not as predictable as Greece or Spain, however, and it’s a big however, it does get hot, very hot and evening are lovely and balmy and warm.

Jurmala again; Jewel of the Baltic Coastline

On the beach at Jurmala

Cricket on a beach in Latvia

A spot of cricket on a wild beach in Latvia

Having said that though, can the weather really be guaranteed anywhere (not including deserts!) as I’ve been rained on whilst sunbathing on a Greek beach many times and the experience of driving through Valencia, in August, in a storm will stay with me for a while.  Right now that prickly subject is dealt with, what can you expect on a Baltic beach holiday?

Stay in some amazing spas that you won’t have to remortgage the house for to either stay in, or have a few treatments. Treatments are really reasonable and excellent, although it’s often a good job to book them before you depart for your holiday to ensure you get the slot you want. The other year both our older children (aged 7 & 9 at the time) had children’s massages. They loved it, and our 7 year old was completely calm and relaxed for the rest of the day, took a lot of self restraint not to book him in every day!

One of the biggest, unexpected freedoms, we had a few years ago whilst staying in a 5* spa when the children were little, was being able to raid the mini bar (orange juice and chocolate, for the children I hasten to add) without passing out at the prices.  Even ordering room service G&Ts (for Mum and Dad of course) didn’t break the bank – sitting on the balcony overlooking the gorgeous beach as the sun set whilst sipping posh G&Ts certainly added a certain je ne sais quoi to the day . All these ‘small’ things helped keep us relaxed whilst away with little ones.

As our children get older they don’t want to lie on the beach all day. In the Baltics there is plenty of affordable fun, from hiring bicycles and exploring the pine forests, to water parks, and funfairs.

Palanga, Lithuania - Picturesquely Placed in the Baltic States

The main road in Palanga, Lithuania

 Now, what about those beaches?

 Baltic beaches are, put simply, beautiful. Imagine mile upon mile of golden sand flanked by fragrant pine forests, shallow bays and a gentle tide.

A Wonderful Wild Beach in Latvia - Ideal for a Coastline Holiday

Wild beach in Latvia

 Even on the more popular beaches of Jurmala, Latvia and Palanga in Lithuania there are hardly any buildings actually on the beach front, so the pure and natural beauty of the beaches are retained.

Parnu Beach in Estonia, another exciting beach holiday destination

Parnu beach, Estonia

 You can also discover wild beaches, recently exploring Lahemaa, in Estonia, by bicycle; we found the most incredible beaches that we didn’t have to share with anyone else.

Cycling in Lahemaa, Estonia

Cycling in Lahemaa, Estonia

So in the evening, what does everyone do? In the larger resorts ‘The Boulevard’ is where it’s at. Restaurant tables spill out on to the pavements offering Al fresco dining, the young, beautiful and the not so young and beautiful, promenade up and down, enjoying the live music and the general ambience of warm balmy evenings.

Quick Guide – Which beach will suit you?

You enjoy glamour, a glorious sandy beach, wining and dining and a spa…..Jurmala, Latvia

You have a family; enjoy fun, fair rides and fantastic value for money as well as a glorious sandy beach…..Palanga, Lithuania

You enjoy amazing Spa facilities and want to experience some nature, peace and quiet during the day and fun at night…… 5* Palanga Spa, Palanga, Lithuania

You love historical properties, a glorious beach and like to be near restaurants and shops….Parnu, Estonia

You love nature, history and really want to get away from the crowd…. Lahemaa, Estonia