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Local knowledge: We know the quirky places and the hidden places. We are the right people to make things happen in all our destinations and we love a special request that challenges us!

Small team: You will be in contact with most of us at some point during your travel experience, either by phone, email or in person; but our small team is also BIG enough to meet your high expectations. Passionate and professional, our personal service is second to none.

Reputation: We have an excellent reputation in the travel industry. Our long-standing suppliers are our friends and as our client, you will naturally benefit from these relationships. We enjoy working closely with tourist boards and the international press to promote our destinations.

We listen: Tell us your plans or dreams and we will do our utmost to make it happen. Share your feedback and suggestions and we will take it on board.

Flexibility: We are the tour operator equivalent of a small cottage industry, hand-making bespoke tours to suit your requirements and to enjoy at your pace.

You are more than a booking to us: Your holiday or vacation is well-earned and well-deserved. We go out of our way to make sure your trip is the best it can be and we organise your trip like it is our own. Our clients are like friends with whom we share stories. We want you to experience real places, meet the locals, and leave with new insights and great memories.

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