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Overview of Poland

Poland is a beautiful, historic and diverse country, with wonderful cities and stunning countryside, there is much for the visitor to explore and discover. In fact many clients plan to return after their first visit to Poland as they didn't get to see enough! The main highlights are like a gateway introduction to many smaller places and sights to visit!

From the northern Baltic seaside, and Hanseatic gem of Gdansk, through the lakes and forests, historic centres of Warsaw & Krakow, and into the Tatra Mountains, you can explore more and more, and still not see everything...

Poland is a great place to visit, either on a city break, a Highlights of Poland tour, a longer in depth tour of Poland, or a regional holiday combined with neighbouring countries eg Gdansk - Kaliningrad - Lithuania is a great tour in itself!

Poland has something for everyone.

When to go & Weather

Poland can be visited all year round.

In the summer temperatures are very pleasant, whilst the winter can be long, and snow is to be expected between December and March, ideal if you love the snow however if you prefer warmer weather we recommend travelling April to July and in September, when it is mild.

Poland's Countryside

Poland's countryside is diverse and beautiful. From the national parks where Bison reside, to forests where wolves roam, to the lakes of the North to the beauty of the Tatra mountains in the south. There is much to explore.

History of Poland

Poland has a long, interesting and at times very turbulent past.

The arrival of the Slavs in the second half of the 5th century established a permanent settlement in Poland, over the centuries relations with Lithuania cultivated the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1569.

The Commonweath intially continuated the period of prosperity that was present under the previous Jagiellon Dynasty however due to ruinous wars and corrosion of the countries government, Poland entered a time of decline. Reforms were introduced in the 18th century however, before the country could see any benefits, the Russian Empire, Kingdom of Prussia and the Austrain Habsburg Monarchy invaded Poland in 1795, creating partitions that the Commonwealth were powerless to fully resist.

Armed resistance continued on and off but independence was to be out of Poland's reach for another 123 years. It was only after the first world war that the climate war and revolution helped create enabled Poland to defeat the partitioning powers, and establish the 2nd Polish Republic which exisited until the Nazi's invaded in 1939.

The Nazi invasion of Poland was the catalyst for the United Kingdom, France and other countries to formally declare war on Nazi Germany. This lead to the six years of World War Two. The Nazi's kept a punishing regime in Poland and millions of Poles died during the occupation. Interesting the Polish government whilst in exile, kept functioning and through Polish military formations on the West and Eastern fronts Poles contributed to the Allied Victory that came in 1945.

However Poland did not experience the freedom that the end of the war brought to the other countries in Europe, as the Russian Red army advanced and Poland was annexed as a satellite Soviet State - The Peoples Republic of Poland.

In the late 1980s, Solidarity a Polish reform movement was instrumental in the Polish Round Table Talks with the communist goverment which eventually led to a radical restructuring of governement and the demise of communism in Poland, leading to the Modern Polish State of today.

Client testimonials on Poland

"Completed my hat-trick of solo jaunts in Eastern Europe, devised by Baltic Holidays, this summer, with a fortnight in Northern Poland; from the magnificent red-brick castle of Malbork and the sobering history of Gdansk, through the imposing Masurian lakes and forests, and on to the stork-loving communities on the Belarusian border. Six hotels and five guides, spread between Warsaw and Bialystock, was a major logistical challenge, but every day - and each 'request stop' - was dovetailed perfectly. The only person ever late was me..." Ian Halstead, August 2013

Videos of Poland

Poland & Baltic Capitals Escorted Tour

  • Krakow, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius & Warsaw
  • 12 Nights
  • 4* Hotels
  • Escorted coach tour
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    • "The all over result of what you provided was exactly what we were after and we had a great time with lots of memories to look back on. Thank you for your service and both Maureen and I would be happy to recommend Baltic Holidays to anyone travelling to the Baltic states." Mr & Mrs McDonald, tailor-made Baltic tour, June 2016

    • "We want to thank you for planning a terrific vacation for us. Everything happened as planned.  Pick-ups, hotel reservations and tour guides.  The only thing you didn't deliver was sunshine every day!!  It was an incredible experience for us.  The guide who took us to Ukmerge and Sesuoliai had done lots of research and made it a very meaningful visit for us. We will definitely urge any of our friends who want to visit the Baltics to contact you." R. Aaron, August 2016 

    • "We have just returned from our holidays and must inform you that it was brilliant in all aspects. We have travelled far & wide, & I don't think we have encountered any better drivers or guides. They were simply great! The Hotels too were absolutely fine. All in all, a great trip and thanks to Baltic Holidays for it. Keep it up!" Mr & Mrs Manecksha, Malaysia, private Baltic tour, May 2015

    • "We returned home yesterday, and would both like to say a huge “Thank you” for everything you did to make it such a wonderful holiday for us. Indeed, all the members of the Baltic Holidays team were so helpful and kind, and we would be very grateful if you could pass on our thanks to them too." Mr & Mrs Maybury, September 2015

    • "Just a quick word to get back to you after our very enjoyable and successful Baltic Holiday - thank you! We had a really great holiday and enjoyed very much the variety and interest which the 4x capital cities offered us. All our local guides and drivers were extremely personable, spoke superb English, and provided very interesting informative commentaries." Mrs Gross, August 2015

    • "Just got back from a really excellent holiday. We would like to thank you for organising such a great holiday- the hotels were very good, the guides and drivers were well informed, very polite and friendly and very punctual! We would certainly recommend your company to our family and friends." Mr Gayton, August 2015

    • "The custom itinerary planned by Baltic Holidays was well-done: informative guides, well-located hotels, and safe, timely transfers. Thank you for your attention to all of the details that made our experience an excellent one. There is nothing we would change. Our trip was perfect in every way." B. McLaughlin, July 2015

    • "Everything was so well organized. The guides were excellent and always on time. Never rushed us when we were visiting the sights. I think they all went beyond the "call of duty". Please give our best to all who were a part of making this tour one of the best I have ever been on." B. Hair, July 2015

    • "Finally some time to send you a note thanking you for a wonderful vacation. You were so patient with us as we planned our vacation in Russia, Finland and Estonia. The trip was excellent." T. Dowling, July 2015

    • "We had a marvelous time, absolutely fantastic and we could not have imagined it any better. The driver/guides were very flexible and patient with us, as we had many questions and needs. Your advice on what to do, together with Jurga's help later on, was invaluable. The itinerary turned out to be a model of how to do three Baltic states in a week. Thank you, I know you invested a lot of time in our itinerary." S. Lin, June 2015

    • "'Faultless’ just about sums it up. Added to the abundant attractions of Lithuania and its people, it is difficult to see how Baltic Holidays could have arranged things any more smoothly or provided better guides each day. The latter, in particular, were friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to tailor the trip to our particular interests – in this case, the ‘Soviet Legacy Tour’. Both country and company are therefore highly recommended." J.Whitbourn, July 2015

    • "We found the holiday (Moldova private tour) most interesting and Valery is an excellent guide." M.Taylor, July 2015

    • "Riga was charming and we really enjoyed walking the streets and discovering little alleys, cloisters and getting to know our bearings." D.Fitzherbert, April 2004

    • "Just thought we’d let you know that our holiday in Latvia was a great success and everything (taxi, walking tour guide) worked extremely well. The food everywhere was excellent and such good value. Riga was very interesting and Jurmala relaxing – a beautiful sandy beach and dachas everywhere being refurbished or falling down." Mr & Mrs Clunie.

    • "Tallinn was great, and the apartment beautiful and very well located. There is plenty to do for families - not just the city sights that tend to leave little children a bit cold, but the zoo, the open air museum, trips to the islands and even the chance to visit Helsinki." Mrs Hutton, family holiday.

    • "Sally, we had a great time and it really was a fascinating holiday. It was so refreshing to visit countries where you have to try local food, because the usual chips-with-everything doesn't exist. We hardly met any English tourists in Estonia - more in Latvia. We feel totally refreshed and as if we had experienced a very different culture. Overall, we hope to return to Latvia and perhaps this time visit Lithuania too." Mrs Hutton, family holiday in Estonia & Latvia.

    • "Everything was beautifully organised; the hotel was splendid - the staff were incredibly helpful and friendly. Riga itself is a delight, and the walking tour was exactly what we needed - it gave us a taste of the town and made it easy for us to do our own sightseeing afterwards, and the guide was fantastic.  The transport arrangements were perfect, and indeed exceeded our expectations! The weather was fantastic, and indeed we spent a couple of hours on the beach on Monday afternoon!" Mr & Mrs Toller, June 2013

    • "This was our 3rd trip with Baltic Holidays and everything went like clockwork. The flight was on time, the taxi was waiting for us at the airport, and the Albert Hotel was very good with friendly and helpful staff." B.Solloway, Riga city break

    • "Our memories of the three Baltic countries are happy ones, and we were full of admiration for the people and the cities, and we would most certainly recommend Baltic Holidays to anyone who was considering visiting these countries." Mr Sullivan, July 2015

    • "We really liked the trip. I thought the itinerary was great. It was a good pace. Everyone's English was good." K.Beebe, June 2015

    • "In general, the trip was excellent – one of the best organised we have done and we do travel a lot." S.Williams, June 2015

    • "Such good experiences, memories and appreciation of you and your thoughtful work for us. The trip really was so special in our lifetime travels. All of the schedule was accurate, prompt, hotels just fine and drivers there when expected, even handled like lost sheep by Oleg in Moscow. You just did a wonderful, careful job with excellent choices for us and such appropriate well selected tours and staff and hotels. What a job you did, so we are most grateful to you." M.Litwiller, June 2015

    • "Thank you very much for all the arrangements and we all had a great trip. We ate a lot, saw a lot and laughed a lot. We enjoyed the trip very much and for sure we will recommend Baltic Holidays to our friends." B.Tse, June 2015

    • "We'd never had private guides before, but it's an excellent way to do it; not just the wealth of information in respect of cultural and historical things but also chatty insight from a local as to how they live and what they do. Also, in St Petersburg it took away the headache of working out how to use public transport, where to queue, language issues etc. Overall St Petersburg was the highlight, what with all the history and things to do. Your earlier guidance was helpful.... rest assured we are two very satisfied customers. "
      <i>Mr & Mrs Mauger, May 2011</i>

    • "It was an excellent holiday, all the arrangements worked like clockwork and the guides and drivers were truly excellent - having Valentin waiting for us on the platform at the door to the carriage when we arrived at St Petersburg at 11p.m. was a definitive moment."
      Mr & Mrs Wilki, September 2010

    • "We had a great time. Having local guides for several hours for just the two of us meant these were not just group type city tour guides. We learned a lot by asking them questions outside their direct briefs"
      <i>Roger, May 2012</i>

    • "We had a great time. Having local guides for several hours for just the two of us meant these were not just group type city tour guides. We learned a lot by asking them questions outside their direct briefs"
      <i>Roger, May 2012</i>

    • We have just returned from yet another trip brilliantly organised by Baltic Holidays.  This time we went to Vilnius. The Hotel was superb, and in an excellent location, the private guides were very good with understandable English, and everything was meticulously planned and on time. Absolutely marvellous.  We had a truly wonderful time, all thanks to Philip and his team, and would not hesitate to recommend Baltic Holidays to anyone, indeed we already have, to several friends and family! Judy & Stanley Lester, February 2016

    • Can't thank Baltic Holidays enough. We have just had one of our best family holidays. Skiing in Jasna. It was absolutely perfect. Exactly what we wanted and needed. Brilliant! Lucy Pitman, February 2016

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