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Private Tours of Moscow

A private tour of Moscow is a fantastic way to experience the majesty that this amazing city has to offer. Our 'Hearts of Russia' tour is a 5-star tour of Moscow and will take you on a fantastic journey of all the surrounding sights and highlights to give you a unique and memorable Moscow private tour that will forever crystallise as a private tour to remember forever. Don't wait, book a private tour of Moscow today and revel in the splendour of Russia's capitial city like only a Moscow private tour can deliver.

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Why Choose Baltic Holidays?

Why choose Baltic Holidays?

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More Private Tours of Moscow

Moscow is the perfect destination for a luxury private tour. Moscow exists as a true city of contracts, a Moscow private tour will let you enjoy the stunning contrasts of this beautifully bold city. As a city that it proud of its power and status, Moscow doesn’t like to disappoint – with more billionaire residents than even New York!

Moscow private tours will show you the inner workings of the city – the things you might miss without the guiding hand of a well-versed Moscow native. Our private tour guides are all experts in their fields and they’re here to make sure that you enjoy the most pleasure tour of Moscow possible.