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Ultimate Moscow & St Petersburg

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Overview of our Ultimate Moscow & St Petersburg

If you're going to invest in a Russian visa, it makes sense to get the most out of that visa!

Our Ultimate Moscow & St Petersburg private tour is a week in each of these fantastic cities; combining guided tours with our friendly local guides and free time for you to soak up the atmosphere as you wish.

Not only will you visit the main sights with our guides, but you can set the pace. We have allowed free time so you can have a rest now and then, or visit somewhere of particular interest to you. The beauty of this private tour is that you not only have time for sightseeing, but also for evening culture, concerts or the ballet perhaps (we can buy your tickets for these in advance). Also, you have time to explore the smaller pleasures of these cities - cafes, bars, restaurants, galleries, shops, museums, parks...

You will come home feeling like you have truly experienced Moscow & St Petersburg, although of course there will always be more to return for!

Flights are NOT included. We are happy for you to book your own flights, or if you prefer, we can do this for you. Please contact us for flight options and prices.

All our individual itineraries can be altered to suit you. If you don't see the trip you want, please contact us to discuss your plans - we can arrange anything!

For groups of 4 people and more, we can offer substantial discounts on our itineraries, or tailor an itinerary to better suit your group! Our website cannot give you this discount! Please contact us directly to discuss your plans.

Please note you are likely to need a VISA to visit Russia. We provide you with all the necessary visa support documents you require, but you will need to apply for your Russian visa separately. We can recommend a visa agency to help you do this (highly recommended).

Call or email us to discuss your travel plans!

Itinerary for our Ultimate Moscow & St Petersburg

DAY 1 - Moscow
Our driver will meet you at the airport and drive you to your hotel in Moscow.

Kadashevskaya Hotel
We were really impressed with the hotel when we visited. We knew the hotel was in a really good location, only a 10 minute walk away from St Basil Cathedral and the Kremlin. We tested the walk and it is a pleasant 10 minute walk, with anticipation building as you walk over the river nearing the Kremlin.

We were not prepared for the stylishness and sleekness of the hotel. A good 4 star standard with modern furnishing and a pleasant friendly reception staff, this really was one of our finds in Moscow. Coupled with an excellent management team who are out to make sure your stay is a relaxing one, we highly recommend this hotel.

The bedrooms are a good size and the breakfast area is large, the standard excellent and varied. The restaurant is excellent and a good place to spend your evening if a day’s sightseeing has taken its toll. If it hasn't, there’s a small gym to finish you off, and a washing machine room where you can wash your clothes. This is complimentary, you need to bring a couple of tablets, and we thought a great idea if on one of our longer trips!

DAY 2 - Moscow
Moscow 3 Hour Guided Walking Tour
Moscow the capital of Russia, a city which boasts more billionaire residents than New York! A city proud of its power status, it does not like to disappoint and it surely won't. Be prepared for a stunning mixture of the bold the beautiful and at times, the not so beautiful. Moscow is teeming with churches, palaces, museums, famous places and monuments which are spread throughout the city.

During this private tour your English speaking guide who will meet you at your hotel and show you the most notable sights Moscow offers to include of course Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, the most famous of the GUM department stores, the Historical Museum and Kazan Cathedral. Stroll through Alexander Garden and watch the Changing of the Guard at the Eternal flame, Tverskaya street, Eliseevskiy's store with it's grand architecture, Pushkin Square, the Museum of Revolution and not forgetting the world famous Bolshoi Ballet and Opera theatre.

Mode of transport: Walking

Moscow Metro Tour (2 Hours)
One of the many things in Moscow that bestow pride on all Muscovites is the metro. Metro system is the cheapest and most reliable way to get to anywhere in the city. Also known as the ‘underground palace’, it is built from basil and marble and features mosaics, sculptures and glass paintings, which are a must see for everyone who visits Moscow. Carrying up to eight million people every day - more than New York and London put together - this system is one of the world's marvels of inner city transport. This is more than just a railway - it's a time mashine. Ride the metro and you are back to the USSR. Stalin built this underground as a temple of communism. And the Soviet symbols are still remain. You'll visit a dozen of best soviet period's stations and a few modern ones built over the last 20 years with our Moscow private guide.

Mode of transport: walking, metro
Duration: 2 hours
Price includes: Professional tour guiding, pick up from your hotel
NOT included: Metro tickets
Available: daily

DAY 3 - Moscow
Moscow Kremlin & Armoury Tour (3 Hours)
One of the greatest architectural complexes in the world, the Moscow Kremlin is the most recognizable symbol of the Russian State. It houses many magnificent relics and artistic monuments inside of its colossal walls and towers. Golden domed cathedrals and ancient palaces also stand high on Borovitskiy Hill, forming a magnificent architectural ensemble. Discover Moscow Kremlin Grounds along with the one of the world's famous treasure houses - the Armoury Chamber. During this 3-hours combined guided walking tour you will see the rare collection of thrones, caroches and weapons of 13th-18th centuries, insignia and ceremonial dresses of Russian Tsars. This is a guided tour of the territory inside the Kremlin walls and includes visits to some of the cathedrals and the Armoury.

Mode of transport: walking
Duration: 3 hours
Price includes: Picking up at your hotel, professional tour guiding, entrance to Kremlin & Armoury
Available: daily except Thursdays

DAY 4 - Moscow
Moscow Sergiev Posad Tour (7 Hours)
Early in the morning our private guide will pick you up at your hotel in Moscow. Travelling to Sergiev Posad, a small town situated in Moscow Region is famous for its monastery (Trinity Sergius Laura) founded in the 14th century by St. Sergius of Radonezh, one of the most revered of Russian saints, and named after him. After an hour's drive from Moscow a tour guide will show you around the monastery which was elevated to the rank of Laura in the 18th century and is one of the 5 top-ranking Orthodox monasteries in the world.

Mode of transport: by car
Duration: 7 hours
Price includes: Picking up at your hotel, professional tour guiding, private car with driver
NOT included: lunch
Available: daily

DAY 5 - Moscow
Free day for you to rest, or visit some places of particular interest to you, or shop, or eat out leisurely... or you can book another tour maybe to 'Star City' - the awesome astronaut training centre!

DAY 6 - Moscow
Moscow Romanovs Royal Family Tour
First, a tour guide will show you the Chambers of the Romanovs near Red Square—the birthplace of the first of the Romanovs, Mikhail Feodorovich .In this branch of the State Historical Museum, interiors from the 17th century have been recreated. Afterwards, you will have a chance to visit Kolomenskoye - a unique museum reserve. It was a favourite summer residence of the tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, the second of the Romanovs. His son Peter, the future great Emperor and reformer grew up here. Apart from Peter the Great`s original wooden house, you will see a recreated 17th century wooden palace that contemporaries called “the eighth wonder of the world”. After nostalgia for the monarchy became strong in Russia again, the wonderful palace was rebuilt from scratch by modern-day Russian architects. Inside the unique two-storey wooden edifice in Kolomenskoye, you will see the recreation of the original throne room, living-rooms, pieces of furniture, stained glass windows etc. Finally, the guide will take you to the Convent of SS. Martha and Mary - another place in Moscow associated with the last of the Romanovs, Nicolas II and Alexandra. The sister of the Empress, Elizaveta Romanova (Grand Duchess Elizabeth) founded this cloister after the assassination of her husband during the first Russian revolution. In 1918, after the Bolshevik Revolution, Elizabeth shared the tragic fate of Tsar Nicolas`s family; she was arrested and summarily executed. Recently, all of them were canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church as holy martyrs. In the grounds of the reopened convent you will see some photos of the last Romanovs, the well-preserved Church of the Saviour, with a new icon of the Royal Martyrs and a monument to St.Elizabeth with the dedicatory inscription; “To the Grand Duchess with penance”.

Mode of transport: walking, metro
Duration: 4 hours
Price includes: Professional tour guiding, pick up from your hotel, entrance fees
NOT included: Metro tickets
Available: daily except Mondays & Tuesdays

Moscow Bunker-42 Tour
A huge anti-nuclear bunker was built in 1950-s right in the centre of Moscow. It is situated 65 meters deep under the ground and was one of the most sensitive military sites of the USSR. During our tour you will learn how close was the threat of the Third World War. You will see how the personnel lived and worked in this unique object.

This is an organised tour so you will look around the bunker in a group. Time is around 1and a half hours.

Mode of transport: walking, metro
Duration: 1,5 hours
Price includes: Professional tour guiding, entrance tickets
NOT included: metro tickets, souvenirs, photo and video
Available: daily

DAY 7 - Moscow
Moscow Novodevichy Convent Tour (2 Hours)
It was home to many high-born nuns and often played a role in politics – one of the sisters prevented the convent from being blown up by the French in 1812, by snuffing out the fuses. Here, Irina Godunova retired after the death of her imbecilic husband, Fyodor I, and her brother Boris Godunov was proclaimed Tsar. Ravaged during the Time of Troubles, the convent was rebuilt in the 1680s by the Regent Sofia, who was later confined here by Peter the Great, along with his unwanted first wife. Bequests made Novodevichy Convent a major landowner with fifteen thousand serfs, but after the Revolution, its churches were shut down, and in 1922, the convent was turned into a museum, which spared it from a worse fate until the cathedral was returned to the Church in 1945 as a reward for backing the war effort. Restoration began in the 1960s, and in 1988, an episcopal see was established here. Though still officially a museum, Novodevichy is once again a convent, where nuns and novices keep a low profile. Our guide will pick you up at your hotel and will accompany you to the convent by metro. You'll walk within the walls and visit several ancient churches. The most important is the huge five-domed Cathedral of the Virgin of Smolensk, dedicated in 1525. You will aslo visit the Novodevichy Cemetery, where many Soviet and Russian celebrities are buried, e.g. the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

Mode of transport: metro, walking
Duration: 2 hours
Price includes: Picking up at your hotel, professional tour guiding, entrance fees
Available: daily

Moscow Izmaylovo Kremlin And Flea Market Tour
Anyone who visits the Izmaylovo Kremlin will have the unique opportunity to emerge themselves in a historic atmosphere and see masters of handicraft such as blacksmiths, potters and wood carvers at work as well as take part in the process of producing pieces of national applied and decorative art. Visitors will wonder at this marvellous place, where Russia’s past meets the present and fairytales come true! Here, fairytales with happy endings and moral stories are brought to life. Russian traditions and forgotten ancient handicrafts are revived and every creation has a unique and personal element to it. You can also visit a huge flea market in Izmaylovo, which is perfect for those who wish to peruse Soviet era souvenirs such as matryoshki (Russian dolls), lacquer boxes, carpets, Soviet posters, badges, tea towels, and so on.

Mode of transport: walking, metro
Duration: 3 hours
Price includes: Professional tour guiding, pick up from your hotel
NOT included: metro tickets
Available: daily

DAY 8 - Moscow - St Petersburg
Standard Transfer To The Railway Station
Your driver will meet you in the reception of your hotel for your transfer to the railway station where you will be escorted to the correct train.

Sapsan Train From Moscow To St Petersburg - your tickets will be prepurchased for you.

Standard Transfer To Your Hotel
Our driver will meet you at the train station and drive you to your hotel in St Petersburg.

Rossi Boutique Hotel & Spa
A really great location for visitors, being on the banks of the Fontana River, and in a very central St. Petersburg location. It’s an excellent Boutique Hotel; the combination of modern design blending into the historical features of the building is very attractive.

There are some really great bedrooms, all different in style, and we particularly liked the library where you can relax after sightseeing and drink as much complimentary coffee as you like.

DAY 9 - St Petersburg
St Petersburg 3 Hour Private Walking Tour (Maria)
You will be met in the reception area of your hotel by your English speaking guide for your privately guided city walking tour. This private tour will give you the possibility to see the most beautiful and famous architectural monuments in St Petersburg like St Isaac's Cathedral, Peter and Paul fortress etc... Our guide will go at your pace, and please say if you want to stop, or see anything of particular interest to you. This is a great way to meet a local and hear first hand about life in St Petersburg.

St Petersburg State Hermitage Museum Tour (Maria)
You will be met in the reception area of your hotel by your English speaking guide for a privately guided tour of the Hermitage.

The Hermitage is the largest museum in Russia and one of the greatest museums in the world. The collection was started by Catherine II in 1764 with the buying of 225 paintings. Today the collection totals three million works of art: 15,000 paintings (by Titian, Rembrandt, Picasso, Matisse, Leonardo da Vinci and many others) 12,000 sculptures, 600,000 drawings, 224,000 objects of applied art and many other interesting things that are placed in 1,057 halls and rooms of the former Royal Palace. Stand in front of each piece for one minute and it would take you from 3 to 11 years to get round everything (every staff member tells this differently).
Duration: 2,5-3hours.

Public transport included where required.

DAY 10 - St Petersburg
St Petersburg Peterhof Park & The Grand Palace (4 Hours)
You will be met in the reception area of your hotel by our English speaking guide who will take you for a privately guided 4 hour tour of Peterhof. Peterhof is a jewel of Russian art, a town of parks, palaces and fountains. In the past it used to be an exquisite summer residence of the Russian tsars. In true style it is opulent and majestic, and the gardens and waterfalls are beautiful.

Public transport included however if you wish to go by hydrofoil you will need to pay locally for yourself and your guide.
Peterhof: Closed on Mondays and on the last Tuesday of every month.

DAY 11 - St Petersburg
St Petersburg By Boat Canal Tour (2 Hours)
St. Petersburg is a city of rivers and canals. Magnificent palaces and significant monuments look different from the water. You will understand why St. Petersburg is called "The Venice of the North". During this 2-hours boat cruise you will pass the rivers Moyka and Fontanka and enter the river Neva. You will learn the new aspects of the city's history connected with the waterways of St. Petersburg.

Mode of transport: by boat
Duration: 2 hours
Price includes: Picking up at your hotel, professional tour guiding, boat tickets
Availability: Daily from April to October

DAY 12 - St Petersburg
Free time for you to explore St Petersburg cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, galleries, museums, parks... or just have a lazy day at the hotel if you prefer!

DAY 13 - St Petersburg
St Petersburg Three Cathedrals Tour (4 Hours)
In all times orthodox temples were built and still are building in all parts of Russia, not excepting St. Petersburg. The most impressive buildings of the city are Kazan Cathedral, Isaac Cathedral and the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood. Kazan Cathedral is a main active orthodox temple in the city. It was built by a peasant serf architecture what is quiet unusual. The original iconostasis was made of French silver taken as a booty after the war with Napoleon in 1812. Inside a cathedral the grave of a great Russian general M.I. Kutuzov is still may be seen. Magnificent Isaac Cathedral is a fourth temple of the same name on this spot. You will visit the cathedral museum and will learn the building history of this awesome object. Church on Spilled Blood is worldwide famous by its mosaics. Inside this church wou will see the place where Alexander II was assassinated in 1881.

Mode of transport: walking
Duration: 4 hours
Price includes: Picking up at your hotel, professional tour guiding, entrance fees
Availability: Daily except Wednesday

DAY 14 - St Petersburg
St Petersburg Tsarskoye Selo (Catherine’s Palace With Amber Room)
Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who was the architect behind the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, built this palace for the Empress Elizabeth. It is Tsarskoye Selo’s top attraction and particularly famous for its beautiful Amber Room. Less well known, and much more dilapidated, the Alexander Palace is nonetheless also a neoclassical masterpiece, and has a particularly poignant connection with the family of the last Tsar, Nicholas II. The town of Pushkin, which surrounds the Tsarskoye Selo’s estate, was bestowed with this name in Soviet times to honour Russia’s greatest poet, and is St. Petersburg’s most charming suburb. Pushkin has numerous sights connected with Alexander Sergeevich such as a museum in the former Imperial Lycee, where he was schooled.

Mode of transport: by car, walking
Duration: 4 hours
Price includes: Picking up at your hotel, professional tour guiding, private car or minibus and driver, entrance fees to Catherine's Palace & Amber Room, and Alexander Palace
Availability: Daily except Tuesdays

DAY 15 - St Petersburg
Standard Transfer To The Airport
Your driver will meet you at your hotel and drive you to the airport.

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