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Welcome to Ukraine

Overview of Ukraine

The country of Ukraine is the largest in Europe - with a thousand year history, much of it dramatic, turbulent and fascinating, stunning cities, incredible mountains and coastline - Ukraine, even with recent events, is a fantastic place to visit, explore, meet the locals and discover the real Ukraine...

Not only does it boast beautiful coastlines to the south, it now has modern hotels via which to enjoy the view! Not only does it have serene mountains to the west, it now has modern health spas that sit among them. And, it still has ancient castles in every direction, along with a cultural heritage that reaches back hundreds of years. Ancient gold-domed churches light up the entire land. These venerable cathedrals haven’t changed much over time, and, more importantly, neither has the country’s friendly personality. If the citizens of Ukraine did not invent “hospitality”, then they certainly perfected it!

Ukrainian Cuisine, while you’re at it, be sure to sample varenyky (similar to ravioli but stuffed with potatoes or cheese), borscht (the national Ukrainian soup dish), and, of course, salo (smoked pig fat). Salo is to Ukrainians what chocolate is to the Swiss!

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Ukraine: When to go & Weather

May and September are excellent times to go and visit the capital Kiev. Spring, especially May is pretty when the chestnut trees are blooming.

If going on a city break in Kiev, summer and also weekends are good times to go as the hotels drop their price at these times. Kiev is a business hub, and like Moscow, the summer months and weekends are cheaper to go so we try and work out an itinerary that includes weekends.

Bukovel is Ukraine's skiing area and has been personally tested by us: it is excellent, please call for more details!

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Cities & Towns in Ukraine

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Why choose Baltic Holidays?

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