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Welcome to Kiev


Kiev is an impressive city really ideal for a city break with many varied cultural , historical, religious and Scientific attractions to see. Excellent hotels and a great team of guides.Our tip is to visit at weekends as the hotels give better rates here.

The city had a huge revamp for the 2012 Euro championships and as such excellent quality hotels have sprung up.
Kiev is a city full of Green spaces. On the right bank of the Dnipro River there are many parks and historical Monuments. Monasteries and caves abound and a visit to the Monastery of Caves where you can see the mummified remains of Saints and Monks illuminated by only candlelight.

Although you will need a car to see all of Kiev’s attractions Khreschatyk Street is known as the shortest main road in a European capital city but also the widest. It is closed to traffic at weekends so an ideal way to promenade, take a coffee and do a bit of Shopping.

A tip from Baltic Holidays is try and visit Kiev between Friday to Monday as you'll get much better rates from the Hotels at the weekend.

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Why choose Baltic Holidays?

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