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Baltic Gift Shop

Our travel itineraries take you deep into the nature and culture of our destinations and along your journey we love to introduce you to local craftspeople, artisans and storytellers. Their crafts are true to their heritage, the landscape and history that has shaped them. We have handpicked our favourite crafts and souvenirs from each destination, perfect for gifts or mementos of your travels. Discover the stories that surround the artisan or the arts & crafts that they create, behind most objects there is a story to be told. If there is anything you wish you had bought during your travels, don't hesitate to ask our help to find it...

Bringing you crafts, art & gifts from local artisans - if you can't get to the Christmas Markets this year, we'll bring them to you!


Browse our handpicked crafts, art & gifts from each of our destinations:

 ♦  Belarus  ♦  Estonia  ♦  Finland  ♦  Kaliningrad  ♦  Latvia  ♦  Lithuania  ♦  Moldova  ♦  Norway  ♦  Poland  ♦  Romania  ♦  Russia  ♦  Sweden  ♦  Ukraine  ♦





Belarus Crafts, Art & Gifts

Modern Belarus is deeply connected with its heritage and this shines through in the use of traditional materials of wood, natural fibres, pottery and the skills handed down from generation to generation. Folklore plays a big part in many traditional objects and we love to tell you the stories connected to the piece of art or craftwork. Here are our featured crafts from Belarus, if you are looking for something special feel free to ask us for help to find it!


Stitch Markers & Knitting Bags from Belarus

Knitting is big in many of our destinations, and we even have a group of dedicated knitters who travel with us every other year to the Baltics for knitting... they know how to spin a good yarn in the Baltics! Anastasia makes pretty stitch markers and knitting bags to keep you from losing your way.

If you are interested to know more about our knitting tours, please do get in touch at [email protected] we'd love to hear from you!


Beautiful printed linens from Belarus

Gorgeous natural linen, digitally printed with pretty designs. Perfect for your next project, or you can buy ready-made bed linen from Kate via her other shop KatesLinen - remember how well you slept in Belarus in that natural linen, now you can recreate that good night's sleep at home.

The story of Belarus linen...
For centuries, linen has been the backbone of Belarus life. Entwined throughout culture, the natural yarns of flax provide comfort and closeness to nature that bring you health and happiness. The linseed oil is a key ingredient to pure natural Belarus cuisine. Natural and nurturing...


Hand Hammered Hair Barrette from Belarus

We love to see young people taking traditional crafts and putting a contemporary spin on them. Kapelika are based in Brest, Belarus and create beautiful hair clips, shawl clips and barrettes. Young, fresh talent.

Young artisans in Belarus...
Centuries old crafts and techniques have survived the generations in Belarus, through traditional costumes, gifts, festivals, family heirlooms and stories. While the youth of Belarus are tech-savvy and forward-thinking, we love their connection to their ancestors skills and the contemporary design they bring to modern pieces. Moving with the times, but keeping old flames alive.




Browse our selection of gifts and souvenirs from each of our destinations:

 ♦  Belarus  ♦  Estonia  ♦  Finland  ♦  Kaliningrad  ♦  Latvia  ♦  Lithuania  ♦  Moldova  ♦  Norway  ♦  Poland  ♦  Romania  ♦  Russia  ♦  Sweden  ♦  Ukraine  ♦



Estonia Crafts, Art & Gifts

Estonians are a creative bunch; for generations they have lived closely with nature, celebrating their beautiful countryside and picturesque towns. The medieval city of Tallinn is enough to make any of us want to capture it in some form of art. We have handpicked some of our favourite crafts from Estonia, if you are looking for something special feel free to ask us for help to find it locally!

Juniper wood butter knives Estonia
Juniper Wooden Butter Knife

We love these wooden butter knives and have been collecting them since our very first trip to Estonia, many years ago. Eat good natural food and use clean natural utensils - beautifully handcrafted. Back to nature in style.

Wooden crafts from Estonia...
As you travel through the landscape of Estonia you see beautiful natural deciduous forest, varied woodland with many native species thriving and supporting the local ecosystems. For centuries this woodland has been a key resource for making and creating... Walk in the woods, visit craftspeople in traditional wooden cottages, forage in the woods for berries or mushrooms, and every time you spread butter on your toast you will remember those times.

Hand forged wrought iron black heart nails
Hand forged black heart nails

Delicate but durable, that's an achievement anytime. These black wrought iron heart-shaped nails will look gorgeous in your home. A long-lasting momento from your travels in Estonia.

Blacksmithing is big in Estonia...
Estonian blacksmiths create the most beautiful, handcrafted items like these favourites of ours - black heart shape wood nails in wrought iron... so attractive and useful. You see more and more creative and contemporary blacksmith works, one of our favourite places is on the tranquil escape from-it-all island of Saaremaa, where Saaremaa sepad (Saaremaa steel) is legendary. Their shop is on the way to the ferry port so make sure you leave enough time to stop in and pick up a souvenir or gift on your way past!

Gorgeous knitted sheep socks from Estonia


Gorgeous knitted sheep socks from Estonia

Love, love, love these - how cute and cosy do they look? Visit Galina at her MagicWoolShop in Etsy and you can specify colours or patterns to have your own pair of socks made just for you! Now that is good service. Socks made with love in Estonia, we are sure you would have bought a pair of these if you had seen them on Tallinn Christmas Market!

If you are interested to know more about our Baltic knitting tours, please do get in touch at [email protected]




Browse our selection of gifts and souvenirs from each of our destinations:

 ♦  Belarus  ♦  Estonia  ♦  Finland  ♦  Kaliningrad  ♦  Latvia  ♦  Lithuania  ♦  Moldova  ♦  Norway  ♦  Poland  ♦  Romania  ♦  Russia  ♦  Sweden  ♦  Ukraine  ♦



Finland Crafts, Art & Gifts

The Finnish live closely with the natural world and seamlessly take inspiration from nature and use this in every day design. Some times it can seem harsh and modern design, but look closely and you will see reflections of nature, curves and materials that all embrace nature. Think of the Oodi library area in Helsinki - magnificent design combining the heart of the city with natural waves softening and welcoming you to touch, to look, to try... If you are looking for a specific gift or souvenir from Finland do let us know and we will try to help find it.

Embroidered floral bag from Finland


Embroidered floral bag from Finland

Why have a plain bag, when you can have an intricately embroidered one! Pretty details and great craftmanship, a little bag that will cheer you up on a dreary day. We are not surprised Julia is inspired to create such pretty items as her shop is based in Porvoo, one of our favourite quaint places in Finland. Why not come and visit in Porvoo too on a tour to Helsinki & surrounds? 


Handcarved wooden spoon from Finland


Handcarved wooden spoons from Finland

Trees, forests, wood - that's Finland! Escape from it all into the forests of Finland, think wooden sauna and lake, campfires and wooden cabins, forest-bathing and wildlife-spotting, the forests have it all, not forgetting berries and mushrooms! Nothing more simplistic or attractive than finely carved and crafted woodwork items that are made with love and will last a lifetime.

Come and experience the forests of Finland with us!



Browse our selection of gifts and souvenirs from each of our destinations:

 ♦  Belarus  ♦  Estonia  ♦  Finland  ♦  Kaliningrad  ♦  Latvia  ♦  Lithuania  ♦  Moldova  ♦  Norway  ♦  Poland  ♦  Romania  ♦  Russia  ♦  Sweden  ♦  Ukraine  ♦



Kaliningrad Crafts, Art & Gifts

Do not doubt the creativity of this little outpost of Russia sitting inside the EU, in Kaliningrad you will find the best of Russian and western influences on local crafts, ethnographic art and also some wonderful vintage finds are hidden in the fleamarkets of Kaliningrad. We would love to welcome you to Kaliningrad so you can meet local craftspeople and hear their stories in person... maybe one day you will join us on a tour of Kaliningrad...?

Baltic amber earrings from Kaliningrad


Baltic amber earrings from Kaliningrad

AMBER is big in the Baltics! Legend has it that amber washed up on the Baltic shores are tears of Jurate the goddess of the sea, all we know is that after a strong Baltic storm you will find amber hawkers out on the beach looking for this natural beauty. In Kaliningrad they took this one step further and actively mine for amber, it is possible to visit the biggest amber mine at Yantarny with an official guide - this is not only fascinating for the amber mine but also to get you out of Kaliningrad city and seeing rural life too. You can buy amber anywhere in the world in jewellery shops or on market stalls, but it's extra special to have a piece from a little local jewellery maker in Kaliningrad on the Baltic sea.

If you are interested to know more about our Kaliningrad or amber tours of the Baltic, please do get in touch at [email protected] we'd love to hear from you!


The cutest baby mobiles from Kaliningrad


Baby mobiles made with love from Kaliningrad

Unique and gorgeous! Who would have thought that in Kaliningrad, you can find Julia making the most divine baby mobiles! Beautiful feltwork and cute designs. We can't recommend these enough, for a new baby present, for decorating your new nursery or especially if you have family roots in Kaliningrad/Koenigsberg then why not introduce baby to the region from the early days!

If you are interested to know more about our Kaliningrad crafts tours, please do get in touch at [email protected] we'd love to hear from you!


Pressed flower glass wall art from Kaliningrad


Pressed flowers wall art from Kaliningrad

Driving through the Kaliningrad countryside it is a delight to see real wildflowers in the fields and the odd wooden farmstead with colourful garden flowers too. Ideally you need to visit the Herbarium Boutique Shop on Etsy, as it is a beautiful display of all different pressed flowers arranged in glass wall art form - take a look and you will be spoilt for choice on colour or flower species. A most poignant gift or souvenir from Kaliningrad as it is a bit of nature from Kaliningrad preserved for generations to enjoy. And absolutely charming too!

If you are interested to know more about Kaliningrad, please do get in touch at [email protected] we'd love to hear from you!



Browse our selection of gifts and souvenirs from each of our destinations:

 ♦  Belarus  ♦  Estonia  ♦  Finland  ♦  Kaliningrad  ♦  Latvia  ♦  Lithuania  ♦  Moldova  ♦  Norway  ♦  Poland  ♦  Romania  ♦  Russia  ♦  Sweden  ♦  Ukraine  ♦



Latvia Crafts, Art & Gifts

Latvia is a land of crafts people. Living close to nature, many crafts use natural materials of wood, metal, ceramic and wool. What they manage to produce from these resources can be outstanding, and it is the best way to remember your travels or your family connection to Latvia with a piece of local art or craftmanship that takes you back to your time there... we will be posting about Latvian crafts on our blog so make sure you follow us on Facebook to enjoy these stories.

Latvian folklore needlepoint 'the sun'


Latvian folklore needlepoint 'the sun'

Folklore, tradition, ancient symbols and pagan celebrations still run deep through the modern day veins of Latvia. This is the perfect gift for anyone with Latvian heritage! A connection to the homeland. Relax and contemplate Latvia and all things Latvian as you sit and create a lovely keepsake, maybe with a hot Riga Balzams and blackcurrant to accompany you?

We have the most wonderful local Latvian guides to welcome you to Latvia, and visit on a celebration like midsummer and it will be even more fantastic, contact us on [email protected] to discuss a tour of Latvia or maybe a family heritage tour of Latvia discovering your roots...?


Cookie cutter rolling pins from Latvia


Cookie cutter rolling pins from Latvia

Make the most delicious and attractive cookies with an engraved rolling pin.This is a pretty spring design, but you can get them for different celebrations like Christmas or Easter. They bring a really intricate style to your baking and we're sure everyone will ask how you managed to get that pattern on your cookies!

If you are interested in foodie tours of our destinations, we have some wonderful local guides to take you on food tours and the food scenes are outstanding, [email protected] for more info!


Traditional woven felt belt from Latvia


Traditional woven felt belt from Latvia

You could easily weave your way around Latvia, in fact that's an idea for a new tour! This traditional tablet weaving creates traditional style belts in colours and patterns to represent the regions of Latvia or to match your favourite dress... the choice is yours. Beautiful crafting using old techniques and rich with symbols from Latvian folklore of fertility, strength, wealth, success, good luck, beauty and health. Loved by those with Latvian heritage and without.

If you are interested to know more about exploring Latvia, please do get in touch at [email protected] we'd love to hear from you!



Browse our selection of gifts and souvenirs from each of our destinations:

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Lithuania Crafts, Art & Gifts

Some of our favourite tours take our guests out of the cities and away from the main sights; into the countryside to enjoy rural Lithuania, traditional life and to meet local people. Often we will visit a craftsperson in their workshop, have a cup of tea and chat about life in Lithuania. Guests might see some outstanding sights on their travels, but often it is this intimate and often adhoc experience that stays in their memory... 

Paper cutting folk art from Lithuania


Paper cutting folk art from Lithuania

Many moons ago we met Odeta on her stall at Kaziukas Fair in Vilnius, and yes we bought a paper cutting from her - we will share it on our Facebook crafts posts one day soon... not only are they pretty pieces of art, but the skill involved in cutting such precise patterns is tremendous, and also the theme of the paper cutting is often based on a folk tale or ancestral story that must be learnt to accompany the paper cutting itself. So simple yet so skilled, we love that this tradition continues.

If you are visiting Lithuania in the future and would like to visit some local crafts people on your travels, please do get in touch at [email protected] we'd love to hear from you!

Lithuanian candle houses


Lithuanian candle houses

Light a tealight inside the house and a warm and welcoming home appears, creating a cute centrepiece on the table or simply a unique piece of art of the shelf that we are confident will get a lot of compliments from your guests. You can choose from all sorts of house types, perhaps a historic building you remember seeing on your travels is best. Also perfect as a gift, as not many people will already have one!

Linen from Lithuania


Linen Napkins from Lithuania

Lithuania is the land of linen - they produce such excellent quality linen and create the most tasteful of items. From these plain napkins to decorative tablecoths, not to name exquisite linen clothing. When you wander the souvenir stalls or shops in old town, you might find a lot of the same linen designs, but here on Etsy we try to find you the independent crafters who create unique pieces and designs. If there is something special you are looking for in linen, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help.




Moldova Crafts, Art & Gifts

Vintage is big in Moldova at the moment, you can pick up some really outstanding and unique souvenirs from days gone by. The best  place to buy vintage is on the market, from a street stall or in a small shop - there you can engage with the seller and be told the history behind the piece, so you can always bring it to life when back at home and friends enquire 'what on earth is that?'

Vintage Soviet cups from Moldova


VintageSoviet Faience Cups

There's nothing like a good rummage through the flea market and vintage souvenir stalls in Moldova to inspire curiosity and nostalgia. Moldova is waking up to the fact that a lot of old stuff shoved in cupboards is now of interest to kitsch and Soviet memorabilia collectors, or just as a quirky souvenir for those discovering Moldova. Visit Moldova with us and we will make sure you get chance to pick up some intriguing finds to take home!

If you would like to visit Moldova on a group or private tour we'd love to hear from you at [email protected]


Wooden tetris game from Moldova


Wooden Tetris puzzle game from Moldova

This is just one of our favourite Eco-friendly wooden toys and games made by this small company Tromigou in Chisinau, Moldova. Everything is handmade and decorated by hand, from local natural materials. A nice little local company to support, and we hope one day to welcome you to Chisinau so you can visit them in person too...


Moldova vintage pin badge


Moldavia Vintage Soviet Pin

Small quirky finds like this are fun souvenirs of your travels. Maybe you collect vintage pin badges, maybe you are a huge fan of Moldova or Soviet memorabilia... there are a lot of these unique items showing up on the markets. Of course it is much more sentimental to buy it in Moldova in person, but if you missed the opportunity when travelling, this is a second chance.



Browse our selection of gifts and souvenirs from each of our destinations:

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Norway Crafts, Art & Gifts

Norway is a country of nooks and crannies, you need to get out there and explore the twists and turns of fjord valleys and journey on into the wilderness on a whim to see what you discover. And rest assured you will make discoveries, be them awesome natural landscapes or quaint rural village life and in amongst these you will find local craftspeople who fit in seamlessly with their surroundings. Pick up a local craft on your travels and you will forever remember those Norwegian adventures...

Woollen mittens from Norway


Woollen mittens from Norway

Nothing says Norway more than a pair of traditional knitted mittens! So many colours and styles to choose from, and so cosy! You can choose from many hand knitted mittens from Norway here at Etsy - find your favourites. And once you are the happy owner of some woollen knits, pack them in your case and come to Norway on a group or private tour with us - in fact you can bring them along to any of our Winter & Christmas Tours and stay snug as a bug.


Embroidered jewellery from Norway


Hand embroidered earrings from Trondheim

Delicate handmade jewellery that is not only exquisitely crafted, but also has a traditional Norwegian feel, reminiscent of authentic folk costumes. So simple but so effective. Make sure you look at the other earrings Cathinka makes in her Etsy shop as they are very pretty.


Norwegian wood bucket


Norwegian wooden folk art bucket

Norwegian wood, brough to you in the style of a rustic folk art bucket. Nothing more genuine than handcrafted wooden artefacts that have a real purpose in the world. It will serve you well and remind you of Norway and the Scandi way of life, connecting with nature with a bit of smart style thrown in.

Come and explore Norway with us and meet local craftspeople, be entertained with folk tales and fall in love with the impressive landscapes.


Browse our selection of gifts and souvenirs from each of our destinations:

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Poland Crafts, Art & Gifts

Poland is home to a wonderful array of local talented artists and craftspeople; Polish folk art being one the most cheerful souvenirs you can take home with you. It will always transport you back to Poland and especially if you have been lucky to visit bright and colourful places like Zalipie with its painted houses. We are sure if we all painted our houses like in Zalipie we would all feel a lot jollier every day!

Polish folk art box


Polish Folk Art Box

Polish folk art always makes us smile, with one of our favourite places in Poland being Zalipie with it's painted houses. If we all painted our houses like this, even on a grey rainy day it would help us feel better. We have access to so much colour and art, why not use it more in public places to raise the spirits?!

Anyway, back to boxes. If you don't want to paint your flat. house, street etc then a smaller scale to enjoy painted folk art would be to have a gorgeous box to store your favourite things. There are so many colours and patterns to choose from, here are some more painted folk art boxes from Poland

Come and visit Zalipie and other hidden corners of Poland with us on a private tour designed just for you!

Mountain shelf from Poland


Wooden mountain shelf from Poland

Remember your summer hiking, winter ski trip, or spa break in the Tatra mountains in Poland every time you see this shelf! We would keep the house keys on it, so we are regularly reminded of good times in the Tatras! Take a look at WoodenLandPL shop on Etsy as they have a lovely selection of handcrafted items.


Original art from Poland


Original art by Joanna

Joanna Magdalena is a professional artist having studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland. How can you not be inspired to paint by the beauty of Wroclaw and surrounding Silesia? Take a look at all of Joanna's work here, it is really impressive both as a souvenir or gift from Poland but also for anyone who appreciates such skill and artistry on their walls.

We would love to show you Wroclaw and the castles and countryside of Silesia (you'll be surprised at the sights you will see) we are here to chat about a tour of Poland [email protected]



Browse our selection of gifts and souvenirs from each of our destinations:

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Romania Crafts, Art & Gifts

Another of our beautiful countries where folklore abounds and this shines through in their creative style with vivid colours and story-telling. Let an artisan memento transport you back to the painted wooden houses or quaint streets of Transylvania. We look forward to sharing some really special Romanian artists and crafts on our Facebook page, follow us to join in the fun.

Romanian folk house brooch


Romanian Folk House Brooch

The perfect gift for someone with Romanian connections or heritage, a cute reminder of Romania to take around with you all day on your coat or bag. Check out Livia's shop GruniCeramica on Etsy as she has a lot of fun designs to choose from. Based in Timisoara, Livia is a professional illustrator and loves to create characters and ceramics from her own illustrations.


Woolly mitts from Romania


Happy mitts from Romania

Daniela learned to crochet and knit with her grandmother and now, based in the village of Arad in Romania she produces charming shawls, scarves, gloves and mittens in happy colourful designs. We're sure if you spotted these on a Christmas market stall you would be buying something as a gift to take home. We're happy to introduce you to Daniela and her Etsy shop, happy shopping!


Traditional wooden dough bowl from Romania


Wooden dough bowl from Romania

A quaint handmade dough bowl, handcrafted in Romania for an authentic old-world feeling in the kitchen or just for decor. Wholesome primitive crafts with a heritage folk element, find different styles of Romanian wooden bowls on Etsy here. We love wood we do, and luckily most of our destinations have very talented wood carvers and create the most beautiful pieces.



Browse our selection of gifts and souvenirs from each of our destinations:

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Russia Crafts, Art & Gifts

There is so much more to Russian crafts, art & souvenirs than the stereotypical motryushka dolls and laquer boxes - but, they are so intrinsically Russian that if you have been to Russia or have Russian connections, it would be wrong not to have such icon treasures on your shelves. Whenever I glance at my motryushkas, boxes or miniature paintings (bought direct from the artist on a small stall in the street) it takes me right back to St Petersburg and I am so glad to relive that memory.

Matryoshka dolls from St Petersburg


Matryoshka dolls from St Petersburg

Whether you love them for their quaint artwork, for memories of a trip to Russia, or for playing with as a youngster, matryoshka dolls are great. You will always be tempted to get them down off the shelf and open them up to check the very smallest member of the set is still there. You can get all sorts of novelty sets of matryoshka thesedays, but we do love the traditional Russian women in their colourful folk costumes and the descending offspring right down to the baby in the centre. The perfect gift or souvenir from Russia with love.

The history of matryoshka dolls (or babushka dolls)...
The first matryoshka doll was carved in 1890 by Vasily Zvyozdochkin and designed by Sergey Malyutin who was a folk craft painter. The centre of matryoshka dolls is Sergiev Posad which has been the top making centre of Russia since the 14th century. You can visit Sergiev Posad on our Russia tours!

Russian laquer boxes


Russian Laquer Boxes

If you have been to Russia and browsed the souvenir market stalls you will know there is a wide variety of laquer boxes out there. You need to pick through quite a lot and look at the fine detail to find a good one. It is all in the skill of the painter... look for detail and precision. But most of all, look for one that you love! Choose an image that is pure Russia for you, that reminds you of your travels or inspires you or a loved one to visit Russia in the future if it is a gift. We have selected some of our favourites on our Russia Travel Souvenirs, Gifts & Crafts List on Etsy so please take a look.

Khokhloma painted jars from Russia


Khokhloma painted jars from Russia

Another iconic souvenir from Russia. We probably wouldn't want to fill our kitchen with these but the odd one looks fabulous and will immediately transport you back to your travels in Russia; bargaining at a souvenir stall in St Petersburg or seeing much older versions of these jars in ethnographic museums. They have the added value of being rather jolly and cheerful which is always a good thing to have catch your eye.

The story of Khokhloma...
Khokhloma is a real place, a village in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. Khokhloma was first mentioned in the second half of the 17th century, in a letter of a boy called Morozov to his bailiff referring to 'one hundred painted dishes polished with powdered tin, both large and medium'. The handicraft comes from the Old Believers who fled persecution and took refuge in the woods, the pieces are made from soft wood and the artwork reflects nature with berries, fruit or flowers and are usually practical objects such as jars, spoons and plates. They learnt a special technique to create a golden colour without the use of real gold!



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Sweden Crafts, Art & Gifts

Sweden is a mix of traditional crafts and modern design, but our handpicked favourite crafts, art & souvenirs from Sweden are a far cry from Ikea - these are homely, handcrafted items that need a loving home in which they can remind you of your Swedish adventures, Swedish roots, or to just make you smile and dream of being in Sweden...

Toarpskrona from Sweden


Traditional Toarpskrona from Sweden

Traditionally used for celebrating Lucia Day on the 13th December, the Toarps Lucia Crown is often used all year round to celebrate the seasons and festivals. They are decorated to represent the season or festival and make a stunning centrepiece all year round. 

Lucia Day in Sweden...
Alongside Midsummer, Lucia Day is one of the most celebrated cultural traditions in Sweden with strong reference back to the peasant days of old. Lucia is an ancient mythical figure who is the bearer of light throughout the dark Swedish winter months. A warm and uplifting celebration that we highly recommend if in Sweden in December.

Swedish vintage pottery


Vintage pottery from Sweden for 'fika'

If there is one souvenir you should definitely take home from Sweden it is the concept of 'fika'! Often translated as a 'coffee and cake break' it is so much more than that for the Swedes... Fika is a social ritual and plays an important role in wellbeing. It is the concept of making time to enjoy a cup of coffee and little something to eat with friends or colleagues - sharing the small things together, making time for each other. It is even better by candlelight, so you really slow down and switch off. 

Would you like to come and take fika with us in Sweden? Talk Sweden with us at [email protected] we'd love to hear from you!


Sami necklace from Sweden made from Pewter thread


Swedish Sami Necklace of pewter thread

This necklace is pure Swedish, made from spun pewter thread, reindeer leather and with a button made from reindeer antler. The Sami lifestyle is as beautifully woven into nature as this necklace, you will certainly feel connected to Sweden when you wear this necklace, remembering a Sami campfire perhaps, the northern lights in Swedish Lapland, or reindeers and huskys from an arctic adventure...



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Ukraine Crafts, Art & Gifts

Ukraine has a very rich and colourful folk art heritage, you can see this in traditional items and contemporary creations. We have selected some of our favourites, but watch out for our features on Ukraine via our Facebook page over the coming months.

Wooden World Map with coloured pins


Wooden World Wall Map with coloured pins

You are invited to 'enjoy the wood' - this family company from Ukraine make charming wooden wall maps of all sizes and designs, they look absolutely stunning! What better way to remember your World travels than to have a beautifully crafted map marked with where you have been - or maybe you want to highlight where you plan to visit on your future travels...  #dreamnowtravellater

If you are planning a future trip, we are here to help for all your travels from Scandinavia all the way down to Ukraine (from the Baltic to the Black sea), we'd love to hear from you [email protected] 


Ukrainian handpainted Easter eggs


Handpainted pysanka eggs from Ukraine

These 'pysanka' eggs are not just for Easter, they're for bringing joy and colour to your home all year round! They're attractive and jolly, iconic souvenirs from Ukraine and a great toy for young kids to play with that is not electrical! 

The history of pysanka eggs...
Pysanka egg painting dates back to pagan times when people worshipped the sun as the source of all life. Eggs were decorated with symbols of nature and were used in worship or given as good luck gifts. The eggs became part of spring rituals and were adapted to suit Christian celebrations at Easter. Whether you bring them out in spring or enjoy them all year round, these are iconic souvenirs from Ukraine.

Borscht badge from Ukraine


Celebrate BORSCHT Badge from Ukraine

You know it's all about the Borscht in Ukraine - remember your very first, or your most tasty Borscht with this fun pin badge made in Ukraine. A fun gift for anyone with Ukrainian heritage!

If you are thinking about visiting Ukraine, have a look at our Ukraine tours and if you really love Borscht let us know as we can create a fabulous foodie tour to Ukraine too!


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