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Published: 19 October 2021

Autumn Bog-Walking in Estonia 2021


Autumn 2021 and the Baltic States are starting to re-open, post-pandemic, so Linas and Jurga take a road trip from Lithuania up to Estonia to test travel in post-Covid times. One of the highlights of their trip was a bog-walking tour of Soomaa National Park in Estonia. The autumn is a beautiful time to visit the Baltic States, with the deciduous forests covering the landscape like a rustic patchwork blanket. The land is bursting with goodness; berries, mushrooms and fruits are all there to be foraged and later enjoyed. Here are some snapshots of an autumn bog-walk in Soomaa - something we offer our clients all year round with a local guide and a picnic!



Soomaa National Park is vast, tranquil, calm and peaceful. It is a pure wilderness experience in Estonia. They even have a fifth season here. In spring, the land floods due to winter ice and snow melting - completely changing the landscape, it's use and how the locals live their daily routines. The Soomaa local bog experts will welcome you to this land of mires, share their stories and guide you through this magical part of the planet.


You can explore Soomaa wearing special bog shoes, so your feet do not sink into the bog. This is a strange experience but very good for the leg muscles! There are also boardwalks throughout the bog so it is accessible for all. You can take a canoe and silently glide through the waters, this is rather special as it often allows you to get closer to wildlife as you are so quietly exploring. On a summer's evening it is possible to canoe by moonlight - a memory you will treasure for sure. And in winter time, you can kick-sled on the frozen bog, the water is so clear and you can see through the ice to the busy world below.

You can also drink the clean. pure bog water in Soomaa - Linas sampled it, and apparently it is rather nice!


We arrange visits to Soomaa National Park as part of our tailor-made itineraries in Estonia. You can stay overnight nearby in a charming villa, boutique hotel or rural cottage and spend a day (or evening) exploring the bog with a local guide. Whether you are looking for a tailor-made tour of Estonia, or on a Baltic tour through Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania - we highly recommend including a Soomaa wilderness experience to understand the local connection with the land, the nature, the wildlife, to learn about traditions and hear local stories. This is the best way to experience Estonia.

Published: 19 October 2021