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The smallest of the four Scandinavian countries, Denmark has its own unique charm. Renowned for cutting edge architecture & design, as well as its world-class cuisine, its popularity has grown in recent years thanks to the trend for Scandinavian crime drama, in books and on the small screen.

You can’t visit Denmark without acknowledging its Viking heritage. It is easy to spot the numerous burial mounds punctuating the flat, rolling farmland and in Jutland you can visit the impressive runestones at Jelling. Check out one of the best-reserved Viking ships in a museum in Roskilde - once the Viking capital of Denmark.

Today’s capital, Copenhagen, is cool and cosmopolitan with stunning buildings, fine dining and a population that has a seemingly laidback approach to life. The arts and cultural scene is booming with galleries and cafes on pretty streets.

Repeatedly voted the happiest country in the world in lifestyle surveys, it has only recently been knocked off the top spot. Visit Denmark and discover ‘hygge’ – the quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that creates happiness and contentment.

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Of Denmark

LITTLE MERMAID Little Mermaid - Denmark - Baltic Holidays

You just have to visit the iconic Little Mermaid for a photo!

HISTORIC WATERFRONTS Historic Waterfronts - Denmark - Baltic Holidays

Beautiful architecture lines the harbours and waterfronts of many Danish cities.

ROYAL PALACES Royal Palaces - Denmark - Baltic Holidays

Denmark is home to many a royal palace, hunting lodge & castle. You can tour them all or visit one during your stay.

WILD BEACHES & COASTLINE Wild beaches & coastline - Denmark - Baltic Holidays

Escaping to the country in Denmark means long sandy beaches and dunes, for activities or peaceful walks.

SCANDI COOL CITIES Scandi Cool Cities - Denmark - Baltic Holidays

It's always a pleasure to simply hang out in a Danish city for coffee, gallery, museum, shopping, foodie tour or culture...

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