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Georgia has endured a turbulent past at the hands of its more powerful neighbours. European, Asian, Russian and Middle Eastern influences can all be detected in its rich and diverse culture making it an intriguing and fascinating place to visit. Georgians are famed for their hospitality and visitors are welcomed with open arms.

The landscape is stunning. From monasteries perched amongst the mountains to laid-back seaside resorts, flat-bottomed valleys with vineyards to domed mosques and 19th century bathhouses, Georgia has plenty to keep you enthralled. Nature lovers can explore several national parks boasting waterfalls, beautiful lakes and many species of animal, rarely seen in other countries, including lynx, wolves and brown bears.

The mountain region of the Caucasus extending from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea offer opportunities for adventure sports such as ski-ing and snowboarding.

With over 500 varieties of grape being grown in Georgia, wine is big business. Wine making has been practised for over 6,000 years. In the capital city of Tbilisi, check out the huge status of ‘Mother Georgia’ with a sword in one hand to ward off enemies and a goblet of wine in the other, to welcome friends.

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GERGETI CHURCH Gergeti Church - Georgia - Baltic Holidays

Venture up into the mountains for a unique and memorable experience, you will feel on top of the world!

NARIKALA CITADEL Narikala Citadel - Georgia - Baltic Holidays

Every time we walk up to the citadel we look around at the view and think 'wow, I'm in Tbilisi!'

TBILISI Tbilisi - Georgia - Baltic Holidays

A unique mix of ancient and contemporary architecture blends together and makes this city a vibrant melting pot of sights and sounds. Perfect for a city break or gateway to a private tour of Georgia!

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