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Kaliningrad is a Russian outpost surrounded by new EU states. Kaliningrad may not be on many people's bucket list - but for the independent traveller it is a unique destination. 

Why did we first visit Kaliningrad many years ago? 

Because it's there? Because it is always exciting to visit somewhere you need a visa? Because it is a much cheaper way to visit Russia? Because it is a very fascinating enclave of Russia within the EU borders, and has many sights worth seeing? Because it is a slightly haunted place where the old beauty of Koenigsberg where Immanual Kant used to wander the streets, was obliterated by WW2 bombs, and replaced with Brutalist Soviet architecture, and now there comes a modern wave of new contemporary architecture, and rescure missions to preserve remaining historic buildings? Because Baltijsk the closed off military city is a unique and intriguing place to visit?

Well, all of those reasons apply - and many of our clients want to visit Kaliningrad because they are a on a mission to visit everywhere in Europe - or the World!

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Of Kaliningrad

SVETLOGORSK Svetlogorsk - Kaliningrad - Baltic Holidays

Summer capital of Kaliningrad, pine forests, sandy beaches, wooden villas and amber souvenirs.

KANT'S CATHEDRAL Kant's Cathedral - Kaliningrad - Baltic Holidays

One of the few remaining historic landmarks of Kaliningrad including the tomb of Immanuel Kant.

BALTIJSK Baltijsk - Kaliningrad - Baltic Holidays

Visit the closed-off military city of Baltijsk, home of Russia's Baltic Fleet. A unique and exciting experience.

CURONIAN SPIT Curonian Spit - Kaliningrad - Baltic Holidays

The Russian side of the spit is much quieter and less developed, with a better chance of seeing wildlife. We saw a huge moose here, an awesome moment!

MUSEUM OF THE WORLD'S OCEANS Museum of the World's Oceans - Kaliningrad - Baltic Holidays

A really good museum, even if all you do is crawl and explore through the submarine!

SOVIET HISTORY Soviet history - Kaliningrad - Baltic Holidays

Take in the Soviet relics whilst walking around Kaliningrad.

ARCHITECTURE Architecture - Kaliningrad - Baltic Holidays

Kaliningrad has some fascinating architectural contrasts.

BUNKER MUSEUM Bunker Museum - Kaliningrad - Baltic Holidays

Small but excellent bunker museum. Feel the atmosphere of this command centre that defended Koenigsberg during WWII.

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They put together an amazing, personalized 1 month tour of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. They drove me to the capitals of each and also to 3 of their incredible beach resorts on the Baltic Sea. There were a lot of moving parts on this tour and it ran like clockwork and any minor hiccup was remedied immediately. I have traveled the world and they are without doubt the finest tour company I have ever encountered and I will be using them soon for a tour of Russia and Ukraine. The staff is terrific and great fun to work with. They go way out of their way to create a flawless experience. Kudos to Jurga, Sarah and Linas for all their amazing work and kindness. If you want to tour the Baltic States, make sure your first call is to Baltic Holidays!!


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