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Russia is a huge country, with a huge history to match, full of drama, turbulence and momentous events. From the opulent wealth of the Tsars to the Soviet regime, Russia has always been a force to be reckoned with and the history books overflow with it's diverse narrative.

Russia provokes strong feelings in people, such an important place on the world stage; most people are bound to have an opinion. The country has been described as powerful, romantic, strong, beautiful, cruel, clever and inspirational, to name a few. All of these adjectives have been true at some point over the years, but what of Russia today? 

To have experienced two such contrasting and conflicting rulers, the Tsars and Soviets, in a relatively short period of time, has left it's mark. There is hardship and poverty for many and tremendous wealth for a few, it seems Russia is one of extremes. On one hand forging ahead looking to dominate the world stage, the other finding it's way after opening it's borders. On one hand confident and optimistic, on the other cautious and questioning.

To visit Russia is to have an experience, one you will never forget and one, we think, should be at the very top of your to do list.

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Our Top Russia Tours


Of Russia

THE HERMITAGE, WINTER PALACE The Hermitage, Winter Palace - Russia - Baltic Holidays

Whether it's for the architecture of the building or the famous art it houses inside, this is a must-see in St Petersburg

RUSSIAN BALLET AT THE BOLSHOI OR MARIINSKY THEATRES Russian Ballet at the Bolshoi or Mariinsky Theatres - Russia - Baltic Holidays

For a night to remember, we can book your tickets for any performance or event during your stay in Moscow or St Petersburg.

MOSCOW METRO Moscow Metro - Russia - Baltic Holidays

You simply won't believe it until you see it, travelling from A to B has never been so opulent.

DINNER WITH A RUSSIAN FAMILY Dinner with a Russian Family - Russia - Baltic Holidays

For the real local experience, try local food and vodka in the suburbs of Moscow in the company of a local family and learn about daily life in Russia.

PETERHOF PALACE & GARDENS Peterhof Palace & Gardens - Russia - Baltic Holidays

Palaces don't get much better than this, gold fountains, cascading water, opulent palace rooms and beautiful gardens.

TSARSKOYE SELO (CATHERINE'S PALACE) Tsarskoye Selo (Catherine's Palace) - Russia - Baltic Holidays

You have to see this with your own eyes to believe how ornate and lavishly indulgent this palace is. A lost world of tsars and tsarinas.

IZMAILOVO KREMLIN & FLEA MARKET Izmailovo Kremlin & Flea Market - Russia - Baltic Holidays

A kremlin with a difference in Moscow; great for souvenirs, antiques and a bit of fun

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I would like to thank Baltic Holidays for the well organised holiday that was organised for my friend and I in August. We visited St Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. Every aspect of the holiday worked well. Our accommodation was very comfortable, our guides informative and our drivers excellent. All staff were very punctual and polite. The places we were shown by our guides gave us a very good understanding of the countries we visited. My heartfelt thanks to Baltic Holidays.


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