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Visit Ukraine

Holiday to Help Out - looking to the future

One day soon, Ukraine will regain its territory and peace. Ukraine will need help to recover and rebuild and we believe that travel and tourism will have a role to play. We look forward to welcoming guests to Ukraine once again, but for now please remember the beautiful and fascinating places we used to offer on our Ukraine tours.... slava ukraini!

Ukraine as it should be...

Pechersk Lavra, Kyiv

Mamayeva Sloboda

Odesa Opera House

Mariinskyi Park, Kyiv

Andriivskyi Descent, Kyiv

Stryj river valley, Lviv

Dneiper river, Kyiv

Krekhiv Monastery

Lviv Old Town

Christmas market, Lviv

Kyiv Founders Monument

Vorontsov Lighthouse, Odesa

The staff at Baltic Holidays are professional, knowledgeable and exceedingly flexible

My husband and I worked with the exceptional staff at Baltic Holidays to plan two remarkable tailor-made vacations: One to Russia, Finland and Estonia, the other to Eastern Europe visiting Bucharest, Budapest and Prague. The accommodations were perfect and located in convenient places in the cities we visited. The guides we had for day trips both in and out of the cities were knowledgeable, smart and each and everyone went out of their way to make our visit wonderful. We were warmly greeted at the airport and bus stations with staff that took us to our hotels and delivered us back on time and in comfort. Baltic Holidays went the extra mile to help us get tickets to concerts, operas and even the Moscow Circus. But best of all the staff at Baltic Holidays are professional, knowledgeable and exceedingly flexible. We spend lots of time communicating on e-mail about different trip options until we got our plans just right. We feel like the staff are friends now and look forward to working with them again on our next adventure.

Tailor-made tours of Europe, Teri Dowling & Mal Litwiller

Our Top Tours In Ukraine

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