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1. Are you a British or Lithuanian company?

We are a Lithuanian company, but our team are both Lithuanian & British, and for many years we were a British company! So we are now a registered Lithuanian company based in Kaunas, although our team are based in both the UK and Lithuania. We are members of the British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania. We are proud to be well-known and well-respected in both the British and Lithuanian tourism worlds.

2. Are you ABTA / ATOL bonded for the UK market?

We are not ABTA/ATOL bonded. This only applies to UK tour operators based in the UK. We are a Lithuania based tour operator and there is currently no equivalent system in Lithuania. We are an official registered tour operator in Lithuania and are financially monitored by the Lithuanian State Department of Tourism to ensure we are operating within our means and pose no risk to our clients - (a preventative measure rather than an emergency solution like ABTA/ATOL). We are governed by the European Package Travel Directive and all of our packages (with or without flights) are compliant with the European Package Travel Regulations. We are also active members of various trade associations. The majority of our clients pay for their holiday by credit card which offers added financial protection under the Consumer Credit Act and often includes some other benefits such as travel insurance for your trip.

3. Do I need a visa?

Visa requirements for all our destinations differ according to nationality. We advise that all potential travellers check with their individual Foreign Office to find out the latest legislation and requirements. Most people do need a visa to visit Russia. We can advise at point of enquiry if you need assistance.

4. If I need a visa, how do I get one?

You will need a letter of invitation; which we can provide once your deposit has been paid and your booking is confirmed. You can obtain your visa directly through your local Russian Consulate. Alternatively, you can use our preferred agency, Visit Russia. Costs depend on the service you choose. We recommend an absolute minimum of 4 weeks for a visa application.

5. How do I book one of your tours?

Please CALL US or EMAIL US to book your trip! We are a small team and prefer to discuss everything with you directly, so to book or discuss a tour please call or email us.

6. How do I pay?

You have two ways of paying for your holiday:
a) By bank transfer
b) By credit or debit card
Full details will be on your proposal and your confirmation invoice.

7. What currency can I pay in?

EUR, GBP or USD; tell us your preferred currency and we will invoice you accordingly.

8. Do I need to pay a deposit?

If you book your holiday more than 10 weeks before your departure date, we require a 25% deposit to secure your booking. If we purchase flights for you at the time of booking you must pay the full cost of the flights, plus the 25% of the total cost deposit. You must pay the balance of your holiday payment 10 weeks before departure. All deposits are non-refundable. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

9. Is the price quoted fixed once we pay the deposit?

Yes, although any services added after the initial booking will incur an additional cost. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

10. What's included in the package price?

Your package price covers everything in your stated itinerary. Each individual booking is different and all items will be listed in your travel documents. Your package price does not include insurance. Please speak to us if you have any queries.

11. Are flights included?

The majority of our clients arrange their own flights to the region, although we can do this for you upon request.

12. What currency do I need to take with me?

It depends on where you are going. A good resource is here to see what you will need. Please speak to us at the time of booking if you need assistance or advice.

13. Is it easy to get money out while I am away?

Yes. There are ATMs located within all our destination countries. There is an English language option you can select when you first put your card in. Please note that some machines may charge a fee.

14. When will I get my travel documents and final itinerary?

We aim to get all tickets and travel documents to you two weeks before you travel. If you require them earlier, please ask.

15. What's the food like? Are there vegetarian options?

All of our destinations have a wide range of eating options and many restaurants are big on offering traditional food using locally sourced and seasonal produce. From street food in Helsinki to eating with a local family in Moldova, there’s a world of culinary treats to try. Gastronomic tours are becoming increasingly popular and our travel specialists can recommend all the best places to eat according to preferences and budgets. Contrary to popular belief, vegetarians are well catered for, especially in the cities. You may need to be more specific about not eating meat in some rural areas. Please speak to us about any special dietary requirements at time of booking.

16. Do you have 24 hour emergency helpline?

Yes. This will be provided in your travel documents.

17. Do I need to tip my drivers / guides?

Tipping is discretionary and we leave it to you to decide whether you think our guides have given you a great service, perhaps you prefer to buy them lunch or a coffee rather than a cash tip. If you do decide to tip in a restaurant, we suggest leaving about 10% of the total bill or following the general ‘rounding up’ policy. Tipping is not necessary for short airport transfers.

18. Can you arrange tickets for shows or make reservations in specific restaurants etc?

Yes. Our local guides know all the latest information about your chosen destination. Let us know what you would like to do or where you would like to go and we will do our best to arrange it for you. Alternatively, we can make suggestions based on your likes and dislikes - talk to us and we’ll do the rest!

19. If I can't find exactly what I want on the website, can you help?

Yes. We specialise in tailor-made travel and pride ourselves on matching destinations and itineraries to potential travellers. Whatever you would like to do or see, we will do our very best to make that happen. Occasionally we may not be able to source the exact experience or item that you are looking for, but our team of in-house specialists will make alternative recommendations based on your requests.

20. Where do your customers come from?

We welcome customers from all over the World.

21. Do I need travel insurance?

Your travel arrangements with us DO NOT include insurance. You must have suitable insurance cover, preferably from the moment you book, so you benefit from cancellation cover straightaway. It is your responsibility to arrange a suitable insurance policy for your trip.


22. What times do I need to check in / check out?

International practice is to let rooms from midday to midday. However times do vary depending on destination. Standard check-in times are usually between 2pm and 3 pm, check out times between 11am and 12noon. If you require your room earlier or later, perhaps due to your flight times, you will sometimes need to book the room for the extra hours. Most hotels are happy to store your luggage prior to your room being available or after you have checked out.

23. Are your holidays suitable for travellers with restricted mobility?

Please alert us at time of booking to any mobility problems or special requirements you may have. Not all hotels featured on our website are appropriate for those with limited mobility but our travel consultants will be able to advise you.

24. Do museums close on a certain day?

Yes, although it differs from place to place. We recommend that you check ahead if there is a particular attraction that you’d like to visit, especially on a city break or multi-stop tour when time can be restrictive.

25. What's the weather like?

You can check out the local weather at all our destinations on the BBC Weather site 

26. Do you have a sustainability policy?

Yes, you can read our sustainable policy here We are currently working towards becoming a Travelife Partner, more information is available here on the Travelife website.

27. You have telephone numbers for Australia & America - do you have offices in those countries?

No we do not have offices in Australia or the USA. We have those geographic numbers to make it cheaper for our Australian and American clients to call us. The numbers redirect to our UK office - please note that we operate on UK and Lithuania time zones! 

28. How do we find out about new tours or special offers?

Sign up to our Baltic Holidays monthly newsletter for news & offers, and to stay in touch! Best wishes from Jurga, Sarah, Sally, Phil & Linas