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Estonia Winter Holidays

Friday, 20 October 2023

Visit Estonia in the winter months and your senses will indulge in the crisp winter wonderland and warm cosiness of old-town cafes, restaurants & bars. Experience the silent streets of snow-covered old towns, rural winter landscapes and activities, with plenty of opportunities to warm up with traditional food & drink. Our photo tour of Estonia in winter is the first step to designing your own winter tour of Estonia.

Tallinn Old Town with a covering of snow - the soft light and muffled silence is magical.

Stay in Tallinn for a couple of nights to make the most of the fantastic places to wine & dine, the cultural offerings at the galleries and museums, and much more.

Cosy Cellars

When dusk descends, discover cosy cellar bars, cafes with historic views, or contemporary restaurants buzzing with creativity.

Old Town Activities

You don't have to go far to find winter activities. Ice skating in the old town is a traditional way to enjoy the winter weather.

Winter Rural Retreats

Immerse yourself in a rural winter retreat by staying in a traditional country house or contemporary cabin.

Traditional Winter Activities

There are plenty of fun ways to enjoy the winter weather for all the family - husky sleds are also popular.

Stay overnight in one of our charming manor house hotels in the Estonian countryside to relax in the heart of the Estonian winter. Out of the city, the winter atmosphere is a completely different experience and you can enjoy this whilst staying in luxurious lodgings.


In a land of lakes, bogs and forests the best way to explore the winter nature is by strapping on some snowshoes and venturing out. with a picnic preferably!


Feeling the need for a winter adrenalin rush, this could be for you. a popular local sport that you can join in.


For adrenaline junkies, snowmobiling is available and allows you to cover more of the landscape than under your own steam via snowshoes or skis.

Horse & Sleigh Rides

A most traditional winter experience, quietly crossing the winter landscape by horse and sleigh with only the sound of feint sleigh bells and the drag through the snow.

Soomaa national park in winter is something special. The vast expanse of bog and wetland freezes over and it offers new and unique ways to explore the wilderness. Navigate the boardwalks, strap on your snow shoes and traipse across the land, or pair up with a trusty kicksled to skim across the frozen waters suspended above the delicate ecosystem underfoot.

Snowy beaches

It can be wild and windy, bitter and icy, but fresh snowfall on the beach is so pure and the wind-born patterns so pretty.

Frozen Sea

During very cold spells and under the right conditions, a road across the sea is opened for drivers to traverse.

The annual Christmas markets in Tallinn are well-known and a feast for the festive eyes. Christmas markets are also held in the smaller cities of Tartu and Parnu. A magical experience for sure, but this is definitely not the only time to visit Estonia in winter. In fact, the quieter winter months of January, February and March offer just as many opportunities to buy local crafts and gifts in the many quaint boutique stores.

Sauna Sessions - modern

When it's cold outside, nothing beats a sauna to defrost the bones and destress the mind.

Sauna Sessions - traditional

Whether a contemporary sauna in the city or a traditional sauna in nature (with snow-rolling or lake-dipping) an Estonian sauna is good for the soul.

Roaring Fires - indoors

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Roaring Fires - outdoors

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Hearty Food

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Local Seasonal Food

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Customise a tour of Estonia for winter

Check out our Estonia tours for some ideas and inspiration, then discuss how best to tailor-make your own Estonia winter holiday. We will recommend the best to suit the season!

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