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Tailor-made Private Group Tours

If you plan to visit the Baltic or Nordic countries as a group of friends, colleagues or a community group - we will help you create the best tour for you. Don't do a generic Baltic tour - let's match you up with local people and experiences that will make your tour unique and memorable!

Tour Highlights

  • Tailor-made tour for your group
  • Perfect for groups of friends
  • We welcome professional, social or community groups
  • Tailor your tour around your interests, budget & pace

Are you a group of friends looking to holiday together? A special interest group looking for a specialist tour? Whether you and your friends want a fabulous foodie tour of Tallinn, a meet-the-locals Lithuania knitting tour, or a cultural Baltic tour designed for your group's interests, pace & budget - we can make it happen!

Groups of friends who travel together...

Chat with us about your group's interests and requirements and we will create an itinerary to keep everyone happy. Flexibility, free-time, organised tours, optional extras, everything is possible - let's build the best tour for you and your friends.

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Bespoke group tours Baltic States
Rundale Palace group tour

A special interest group...

Whatever your special interest - we will know someone or something in the Baltics to really bring your tour to life. The local Rotary group, a behind-the-scenes theatre visit, a guest speaker of interest, a sight that needs special permission to visit... We love to involve our local contacts and host unusual tours!

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A special occasion..?

Over the years we have arranged tours based around wedding parties, surprise birthdays, alumni groups, family reunions, ancestry tours, workations, football matches, marathons, you name it - we have the contacts to make it work! Whatever your reason to visit Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia we can help you get the very best experience.

Bespoke group tours in the Baltic States

Are you the organiser of a group tour?

Let's work together to deliver the best possible tour for your group! Aim high, let's create something unique and memorable for your friends or colleagues. We'll listen to your needs and then handle the logistics so you can relax and enjoy the tour with everyone else!

Let's get creative about your group tour plans

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Or need it changed to suit you? Let's discuss your plans.

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