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Moldova is one of the least visited places by tourists, in Europe. We are amazed at how many people are missing out on this beautiful gem of a country - Moldova is a wonderful place to visit. 

Formerly known as the 'vineyard to the Tsars' it has several world class wineries including Milestii Mici with 50km of underground tunnels 'city of wine' that you explore by car before enjoying a splendid wine tasting. 

The capital Chisinau is friendly, walkable, and bustling with excellent restaurants and lively bars. 

Moldova's countryside is truly stunning. You can visit cave churches carved into rock with precipitous views, medieval fortresses, beautiful monasteries, and enjoy some very special rural homestays in unspoiled peaceful countryside.

Within easy reach of Chisinau is Transnistria - a breakaway republic that is not officially recognised and is a fascinating place to visit. Our local guide will ensure you have a memorable experience here, from the fascinating architecture of the capital, Tiraspol, to a tour of the internationally acclaimed brandy distillery, Kvint.

So if you're looking for somewhere new and undiscovered prepare to be happily surprised. Expect the unexpected. Be a Moldova pioneer with Baltic Holidays.

Our Top Moldova Tours


Of Moldova

TIRASPOL - TRANSNISTRIA Tiraspol - Transnistria - Moldova - Baltic Holidays

Day trip or overnight in a country that doesn't exist, step back in time and go on a Lenin treasure hunt!

SOROCA Soroca - Moldova - Baltic Holidays

The Romani capital of Moldova is quite bizarre with some outlandish Roma homes, a fun quirky day out!

WINE & VINEYARDS Wine & vineyards - Moldova - Baltic Holidays

Some of the most impressive wine cellars in the world are in Moldova, this is as fascinating as the wine tasting is enjoyable!

ORHEIUL VECHI (OLD ORHEI) Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei) - Moldova - Baltic Holidays

A historical highlight of a trip to Moldova is Old Orhei cave monastery, as impressive as many smaller ancient Greek site, this is an immersion in ancient civilisation and history.

CHISINAU Chisinau - Moldova - Baltic Holidays

Architecture, parks and museums of course, but we also love walking the streets and seeing real life or browsing the markets...

MEET THE LOCALS Meet the locals - Moldova - Baltic Holidays

Our local guides like to show you real life and real people, chat with locals, avoid tourist traps and on some tours we have guest speakers or a visit to a family home!

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It is indeed now sometime since we arrived back from our holiday in Moldova but we still have very fond memories of the trip. My wife was especially touched by Vladimir's young daughter presenting her with a picture which she had painted as a birthday gift. The hotel in Chisinau was excellent and lived up to its 5 star rating. Chisinau has many interesting places to see and we enjoyed going around the city by the local trams and buses. Other highlights were the visit to the Milesti Mici wine cellars and the fascinating trip to Transnistra. All the arrangements worked well and we would certainly recommend visiting Moldova to people who would like to gosomewhere different and interesting and to use Baltic Holidays to do so.


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