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Poland is a beautiful, historic and diverse country, with wonderful cities and stunning countryside, there is much for the visitor to explore and discover. In fact many clients plan to return after their first visit to Poland as they didn't get to see enough! The main highlights are like a gateway introduction to many smaller places and sights to visit!

From the northern Baltic seaside, and Hanseatic gem of Gdansk, through the lakes and forests, historic centres of Warsaw & Krakow, and into the Tatra Mountains, you can explore more and more, and still not see everything... Wroclaw is a fabulous old town that fewer people visit, and Zakopane in the winter or over Christmas is fantastic winter fun!

Poland is a great place to visit, either on a city break, a Highlights of Poland tour, a longer in depth tour of Poland, or a regional holiday combined with neighbouring countries eg Gdansk - Kaliningrad - Lithuania is a great tour in itself!

Poland has something for everyone.

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ZAKOPANE & TATRA MOUNTAINS Zakopane & Tatra mountains - Poland - Baltic Holidays

Polish nature at its finest; year-round activities, ethnographic culture, stunning scenery and relaxation.

WROCLAW Wroclaw - Poland - Baltic Holidays

Fantastic old town from which you can take some truly fascinating day trips in a beautiful region of Poland

AUSCHWITZ Auschwitz - Poland - Baltic Holidays

Sadly this is simply a must for all to see to understand the extent of the Holocaust horrors, let us remember so as to never repeat

GDANSK, GDYNIA & SOPOT Gdansk, Gdynia & Sopot - Poland - Baltic Holidays

These Hanseatic Baltic merchant town and seaside resorts are very different to central Poland and a great starting point for a Baltic tour via Kaliningrad or to Lithuania

MASURIAN LAKE DISTRICT Masurian Lake District - Poland - Baltic Holidays

Perfect for an overnight between Lithuania & Gdansk on a Baltic tour, pretty nature and some good sights to see too

OLD TOWNS Old Towns - Poland - Baltic Holidays

Krakow comes to mind of course, but Poland has so many stunning old towns that easily rival Krakow and are quieter and cheaper with excellent sightseeing Poznan, Torun and many smaller ones

POLISH 'LOIRE VALLEY' CASTLES Polish 'Loire valley' Castles - Poland - Baltic Holidays

Poland is home to many stunning palaces and castles that rival many a French chateau, come on an alternative chateau tour to the Loire!

UNIQUE DAY TRIPS Unique Day trips - Poland - Baltic Holidays

Explore with your own private driver-guide and discover off-the-beaten-track sights from WWII sights, to castles, caves, gorges, lakes & pretty towns

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They put together an amazing, personalized 1 month tour of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. They drove me to the capitals of each and also to 3 of their incredible beach resorts on the Baltic Sea. There were a lot of moving parts on this tour and it ran like clockwork and any minor hiccup was remedied immediately. I have traveled the world and they are without doubt the finest tour company I have ever encountered and I will be using them soon for a tour of Russia and Ukraine. The staff is terrific and great fun to work with. They go way out of their way to create a flawless experience. Kudos to Jurga, Sarah and Linas for all their amazing work and kindness. If you want to tour the Baltic States, make sure your first call is to Baltic Holidays!!


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