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Book a new holiday with confidence. Flexible booking.


Book a new holiday with confidence. Flexibility guaranteed.

We want to ensure you have peace of mind when booking your future travels with us. Book a new holiday with confidence. Flexibility guaranteed.

When you book with us, you become part of our ethos of personal service and flexibility. Should you need us, we are always on hand to help before you depart and throughout your travels. Every booking is tailor-made and unique, and we always do our best to be flexible and deliver the best for our guests. Let us outline how this will help with post-Covid travel:


Planning and preparing your holiday

As most of our tours are tailor-made private tours, there is usually a good amount of chat via phone or email to craft an itinerary to suit you and yours (this is great, because it is when we pick up on your interests or requirements and can make sure the tour is right for you!) You will by now realise how much we are here to help and support you in your travels, even if you will be self-guiding on your tour, we are here behind the scenes should you need us.


When you book your tour

As per our Terms & Conditions we require a deposit of 25% of the total cost of the holiday + any flight costs to secure the booking. This deposit is non-refundable. It has to be, as a lot of this is immediately paid out to secure your flights, tour services and a number of other trip associated fees. It also covers some of the hard work that has been invested in creating your fully customised itinerary by our team.


But what if I am not sure about travelling after paying my deposit?

We always welcome you to call us or email us with any concerns about your travel plans. We are a small team and will do our best to be flexible wherever possible. Although your deposit is non-refundable, it is fully transferable. We will not charge any amendment fees to transfer your deposit to new travel dates or a new itinerary – as our tours are tailor-made, customised itineraries we will look into this on an individual basis and do our best to help. Please note that there may be some services that have been prepaid and not able to be transferred, eg some airline tickets for example. We will do our best to recoup these, but in some cases they may be lost and not able to be transferred to the new dates or itinerary.


What if I am not sure about travelling after paying my balance?

As per our Terms & Conditions your balance will be due 10 weeks before your departure date and should you cancel your tour within that final 10 weeks there will be a cancellation charge applied. However, you probably get the gist by now, we aim to be as flexible and helpful as possible, after all we would prefer you to travel with us than not… Contact us with your concerns and we will look at your situation and see what options are available. Where possible we would look to change your travel dates or transfer you to a different itinerary, but we will need to look at all the different components of your customised tour to see what is possible.


Can I get a refund?

A straightforward 100% refund is not possible. We refer back to the deposit being non-refundable due to pre-paid commitments. But of course we would look at your unique situation and see what we can change, postpone or recoup but this will depend largely on third-party supplier positions.


Do I need travel insurance?

YES – you do need insurance and we always strongly recommend that you take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy as soon as you book your holiday. This means you are covered from the moment you book. It is even more important now to make sure your travel insurance includes cover for Covid-19 as many policies now include cover for having to cancel due to a positive Covid-19 test, for quarantining, or health cover should you catch Covid-19 when on your travels. A good policy will also cover you for all the other aspects of travel too, cancelation, delay, lost luggage etc.


Responsibilities – ours & yours

Our responsibilities are huge. We have to pay in advance for a number of services included in your customised itinerary and of course pay our team for their hard work in making it happen. Up until the moment you start your tour, we are liable under the EU Package Travel Regulations that should your tour not go ahead due to extraordinary circumstances (like the Covid-19 pandemic) that we have to refund 100% of your money back within 14 days. That is a huge ask, considering it can take months to recoup money back from suppliers and some suppliers might not refund us. Of course we have to accept this risk to get the world travelling again!

In return we ask you to look at your responsibilities too. You must comply with all necessary requirements to travel both from your own country government or the national government of the destination you are visiting. This includes being a responsible traveller taking out the necessary Covid-19 travel insurance policy, having the Covid-19 vaccination (which we expect will become necessary to travel in the future) and adhering to any other local or national requirements to ensure your travels are successful.


Let's get travelling again

We are confident we can bring back travel, and bring it back better than ever! Our ethos is always quality not quantity. We create tailor-made customised tours to suit you; make this trip your main holiday and enjoy all there is to offer in these lesser known destinations full of unspoilt nature, quaint old towns, vibrant culture and astounding history.

We look forward to bringing your travel plans to life!

Sally, Jurga, Linas, Phil, Sarah and all the Baltic Holidays team


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