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Estonia, the most Northern of the Baltic countries, is a beautiful place to visit. From glorious medieval Tallinn, lush forests and sandy beaches to quaint villages, elegant manor houses and lovely countryside, the diversity on offer makes for a wonderfully, memorable holiday.

Estonia has a long and interesting history, right through from medieval times when Tallinn was a bustling port, to the more recent Soviet occupation. On one hand, Estonians possess a love of the past, their folklore and the outdoors, fiercely protective of their traditions and ancient festivals. On the other, they are one of the most forward thinking and technologically advanced nations in Europe.

The capital city of Tallinn, with its gothic moody architecture, boasts a maze of cobbled streets with a great choice of museums, galleries and lively nightlife.

Expect a place where old meets new, where the past and future is equally revered and an intriguing culture, which constantly surprises and inspires.

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MUHU & SAAREMAA ISLANDS Muhu & Saaremaa Islands - Estonia - Baltic Holidays

Step back in time to tranquil nature, relaxing spa hotels & traditional ways of living with a stay on the Estonian islands.

PARNU Parnu - Estonia - Baltic Holidays

A seaside hotspot for culture, entertainment and sandy beaches in the summer, and a charming, relaxing retreat in the quiet winter months.

TALLINN OLD TOWN Tallinn old town - Estonia - Baltic Holidays

It's chocolate-box pretty, full of history, excellent restaurants, cosy cafes and craft shops - what's not to like in Tallinn?

BOG WALKING Bog walking - Estonia - Baltic Holidays

A whole lot better than it sounds, fantastic way to experience Estonian nature.

FOODIE TOURS Foodie Tours - Estonia - Baltic Holidays

Local ingredients, seasonal menus, creative places, cooking lessons and delicious meals.

KADRIORG PALACE Kadriorg Palace - Estonia - Baltic Holidays

Venture out of Tallinn through quaint wooden house neighbourhoods to the charming Kadriorg Palace and KUMU art gallery.

KGB MUSEUM KGB museum - Estonia - Baltic Holidays

Hidden away on the top of an old Intourist hotel is where you'll find this fascinating insight into KGB spying.

LAHEMAA NATIONAL PARK Lahemaa National Park - Estonia - Baltic Holidays

Enjoy fishing villages, manor houses and local life in this unspoilt national park, right on Tallinn's doorstep.

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The guides we had were exceptional! Kertu - told us so much about living in Communist times and brought the whole city to life. Inga, in Riga, really knows about architecture as she is working on her PH.D in that field. Thank you or someone for Ieva! We had a great time talking about nature, schools, etc. So, in all, everyone one was well or over-qualified to talk with us about cities, countries, communism, cooking and other stuff! Oh, I forgot Vickie, who took us to the Curonian Spit. What a fun, upbeat person! She brought a picnic lunch for us so we could sit and enjoy it on the hilltop above Nida, where the German writer's home is located.


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