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Brimming with confidence, this enigmatic little country has big plans. Proud owners of the largest Baltic capital Riga, Latvians have fully embraced the western way of life and are arguably the most glamorous of the Baltic trio. 

Latvia's confidence is infectious, its capital Riga is a bustling, cosmopolitan city, with a beautiful old town and gorgeous art nouveau district. There is plenty to see and do including an excellent Opera Festival each year.

Latvia has some wonderful beaches and pretty countryside with grand manor houses and historic villages.

Having been occupied by various regional powers throughout history, Latvia has a diverse and multi-layered culture. Explore, uncover, enjoy and relax – welcome to Latvia!

Our Top Latvia Tours


Of Latvia

RUNDALE PALACE Rundale Palace - Latvia - Baltic Holidays

Stay overnight nearby in our wonderful manor house guesthouse, then your very own driver-guide will take you to visit Rundale Palace before heading on to Riga.

ART NOUVEAU ARCHITECTURE Art Nouveau Architecture - Latvia - Baltic Holidays

Whether renovated and painted, or old and worn, Riga has some magnificent facades..

MANOR HOUSES Manor houses - Latvia - Baltic Holidays

Get out of town and stay in the Latvian countryside at one of our super manor houses.

JURMALA Jurmala - Latvia - Baltic Holidays

In summer it's lively, in winter it's peaceful - wooden villas, a long sandy beach, pine forests and surrounded by nature... a lovely contrast to Riga.

GAUJA NATIONAL PARK Gauja National Park - Latvia - Baltic Holidays

Explore the castles and nature of Gauja with our private driver-guide, a beautiful day trip from Riga or stay overnight in our manor house hotel.

SOVIET BUNKER Soviet Bunker - Latvia - Baltic Holidays

For something completely different, a Soviet bunker complete with Soviet canteen lunch - a throwback to the past!

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We want to say how much we enjoyed the whole trip.The organisation was outstanding and everything went just as was planned.Of course being our first visit, everything we saw was a completely new experienceso we have many happy memories to look back on, with each capital city quite different to the other two, as we found when going to Riga from Vilnius and then to Tallin. Tartu was a charming little town too and we were glad we included a cross-country trip. The hotels were excellent and overall there is nothing at all we could suggest needed improvement. We are so glad and grateful that we were finally able to make the trip after the disappointment in April. Our sincere thanks to everyone who was involved in providing us with a truly memorable experience.


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