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Published: 30 April 2019

Baltic Holidays 'As Seen In' The Press

Over the years, we have enjoyed working with journalists and travel writers, welcoming them to our destinations, showing them the highlights or quirky places, and featuring in engaging articles and features in various travel publications. It is a real pleasure to see the results of your hard work of planning and hosting appear in the printed press. These days many of them are still available on the internet, so we have included those links below - for some inspiration or insight!


Lithuania: A long weekend in Vilnius by Tamsin Wressell (National Geographic Traveller Magazine)
Nov 2018

Bold, buzzing and reborn - there’s nothing like a winter weekend in Lithuania’s capital, especially if you’re brave enough for a banya.



Edgelands: Stories from the Russian border (The Telegraph)
July 2018

Over the last three months, adventurer Ash Bhardwaj has been travelling Europe's long-contested border with Russia, from the Arctic Circle to Ukraine. Along the way, he’s witnessed the Northern Lights, been stopped by border guards, participated in strange ceremonies and events, visited KGB prisons and been continually amazed by a remote part of the world that has shaped modern history - but whose stories remain largely untold. This unmissable new audio series from the Telegraph shares the secrets he discovered en route.


Indulging in Lithuania's quirky charms (TTG)
June 2018

For a nation that was under Soviet occupation until 1990, Lithuania has emerged as an idiosyncratic touring destination, holding plenty of appeal for culture vultures with a penchant for food, finds Madeleine Barber


Rolling Estonia: a wilderness adventure in fairytale forests (The Guardian)
March 2017

John Gimlette and family lose themselves in the haunting wintry wilderness of lacy-white swamps and forests, before seeking refuge in restored pastel palaces.



Geoff Moore discovers what it feels like to be pampered in Birstonas, a luxury spa town in Lithuania. With other gentle activities and sightseeing included in the itinerary, Birštonas has all you need for a relaxing and cultured holiday.


Lithuania is the real star of War and Peace by Ian Belcher (The Times)
January 2016

It’s not an obvious day for the heart to sing. The bruised clouds are so low they brush the red rooftops, the east European air so damp it leaks into my bones. Yet it’s hard not to feel inspired — and harder still to stop taking photographs.


Latvia and Lithuania: the fairytale filming locations for War and Peace by John Gimlette (The Telegraph) 
January 2016
At Trakai the sky was filled with another stupendous structure – this time a crimson castle, on an icy lake.


On location: War and Peace (Financial Times)
January 2016
The big-budget production has opulent costumes and authentic locations filmed mostly in Lithuania and Latvia but with few notable exceptions in St Petersburg and Moscow


A family adventure in Lithuania  (The Guardian)
January 2016
Catherine Nelson often struggles to find a holiday to suit both her kids, aged 10 and 14, but rural Lithuania – with its zipwires, forest cabins and indoor ski slope – is a surprising hit for all.


The perfect place to escape other tourists: Moldova (Financial Times)
May 2015
Aside from Pacific islands, the world’s least visited country is Moldova, a European nation many Europeans would struggle to place on a map. Mike Carter spends a weekend exploring.


Out on the tiles: a rooftop tour of St Petersburg  (The Guardian)
August 2014
Driven by social media, a new type of (almost) legal high is on offer in St Petersburg. Ian Belcher gets a bird’s eye view of the city on a rooftop tour.


48 Hours in: Riga (The Independent) 
December 2013
William Cook explores the Latvian capital's rich medieval and Art Nouveau architecture as the city gears up to become European Capital of Culture.


Beaches of the Baltic Coast (Conde Nast Traveller)
May 2013

Frozen in time during the Cold War, the pristine Baltic coastline is one of Europe's best secret beach destinations. And it's warmer than you think, says William Cook. Photographs by Craig Fordham


Vilnius, Lithuania: the perfect break (The Telegraph)
August 2011

Vilnius's bustling cafe culture and medieval heritage are a wonderful match, says Adrian Bridge.


Roads to revolution (The Telegraph)
August 2011

Adrian Bridge returns to the Via Baltica, beginning a journey through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, 20 years after the countries became independent from the Soviet Union.


Travel: Tallinn (The Scotsman)
April 2011

The last time I saw Tallinn was in 1998 when I was finishing a year as a student in Estonia, still very much aware of the post-Soviet shadow that hung over the placeand its population like a slow-to-dissipate fog.


Little-known Lithuania: Sand dunes, scenery and silence on the glorious Curonian Spit (The Daily Mail)
September 2010

There is a place on the Curonian Spit where fish fall out of the sky (by Teresa Levonian Cole) 


Muhu's for you too by Jeremy Smith (Oxford Mail)
July 2010

Muhu. Doesn’t sound much does it? And in truth, size-wise it isn’t.


Riga, Latvia: The perfect break (The Telegraph)
July 2010

Riga's music, wining, dining and celebratory summer feel is far removed from its stag-party image, says Claire Gervat


Moscow, St Petersburg and a trip down memory lane and beyond by Rob Freeman (The Daily Mail)
August 2009

Our first night in Moscow and there was a scampering of feet in the hotel corridor. Then a feverish pounding of fists on the door.


Time-Out In Tallinn by Gareth Hargreaves (50Connect)
March 2008
Experience a delightful break in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn.


It's a bit like the Med, but with dumplings (The Guardian)
July 2006
A popular summer playground in the Soviet era, the Baltic Coast is enjoying a new lease of life as the rest of Europe wakes up to the charms of its lively resorts and white-sand beaches, writes Joanne O'Connor


Let us guide you through the Baltics, Ma'am (The Telegraph) 
October 2006

The Queen should find much to enjoy in the countries she is visiting next week. Adrian Bridge reports.


Hot Shots: if you want style in your city break, go Baltic (The Times) May 2004

On the weekend the Baltic states join the EU, Mark Hodson presents Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, the new trendy threesome in the east


Break for the borders (The Guardian) April 2004

Eight of the 10 states entering the EU next month are former Eastern Bloc countries. Ian Belcher kicks off our 10-page special with a whistle-stop tour of the Baltics


Travel Tips USA Today
Tours to Russia & the Baltic by Ashley Mackenzie

The Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania still were part of the Russian Empire at the turn of the 20th century, but recent decades of independence have given them time to develop distinctive personalities.


Lithuania: A long weekend in Vilnius by Tamsin Wressell (National Geographic Traveller Magazine)
Nov 2018

Bold, buzzing and reborn - there’s nothing like a winter weekend in Lithuania’s capital, especially if you’re brave enough for a banya.



April 2019

Between the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania there is a surprising variety of culture and architectural style, as well as many historic and religious sites to keep any tour itinerary brimming with experience.




Baltic Holidays on TV - BBC 'Holiday' in Lithuania & Latvia

We were overjoyed when we were approached by the BBC to host the popular 'Holiday' TV programme in Lithuania & Latvia. Finally, everything we had dreamed of, the chance to really show off these fabulous countries in all their glory. Presenter Dom and his film crew were great company and it was a real eye-opener to experience the filming and behind-the-scenes production. The angle of the feature was not quite what we had in mind, with a visit to a Soviet-throwback sanitorium rather than a contemporary, lush 4* spa hotel. And although a stay overnight in a former Soviet prison made for good TV, funnily enough it does not feature in our luxurious tailor-made tours! On the plus side, it brought Lithuania & Latvia to the public attention and really sparked people’s imagination.


Baltic Holidays on TV - 'Blind Date' with Cilla Black on ITV

Way back when, in the times of Cilla Black & her Saturday night showcase 'Blind Date' (ITV, UK) we were over-the-moon when we got a call asking to offer a 'blind date' in Lithuania for the winning couple! Always up for a challenge and an intriguing project, we of course said yes! With a cameraman and director accompanying the happy couple it took a lot of planning and due to the nature of the show we didn't know who the guests would be until the very last minute. Designed to make good TV, our brief was to provide activities that might put them in the mood for love, but we also wanted to show off the delights of Lithuania. There was absolutely no chance of romance thanks to the sheer incompatibility of the couple – but Lithuania shone and proved to be the star of the show!

All in all, it was a really fun experience and it was great to see their confused faces when Lithuania was announced as their destination!  We still have a copy of the show somewhere on VHS and can't find the printed photos - that shows how long ago it was! 

Published: 30 April 2019