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Published: 07 April 2017

‘Between Shades Of Gray’ Private Tour Launch!

We have launched our exclusive and official ‘Between Shades of Gray’ tour. The tour is inspired by Ruta Sepetys’ bestselling novel ‘Between Shades of Gray’ and the much anticipated novel-based movie ‘Ashes in the Snow’. We are honoured to have been involved in this exciting journey; from arranging Ruta’s very first trip to Lithuania in search of her Lithuanian roots, to the proud moment when reading Linas’ acknowledgement in the book:

‘Between Shades of Gray’ by Ruta Sepetys

“Without Linas Zabaliunas, this book would not have been possible. Linas directed me to countless individuals for my research, provided translation, accompanied me throughout Lithuania, provided spurgos and cepelinai, and even arranged for me to be locked away in a former Soviet prison. Aciu labai, my friend!” 

Excerpt from ‘Between Shades of Gray’ by Ruta Sepetys, Lithuanian Acknowledgements.

Ruta’s captivating, detailed and eloquent story-telling has brought this period of history to life for so many people. ‘Between Shades of Gray has given a voice to those who remain silent, and reminds all who read it the importance of love and that life is not always black & white.

The book comes to life in Lithuania

Visiting Lithuania brings ‘Between Shades of Gray’ to life. You experience the contrast between past and present. The beautiful and confident Lithuania of today has stunning architecture and soft landscapes, restaurants, galleries and street cafes… but you are never far from a haunting memory of this small nation’s Soviet past. Visiting the KGB museum in Vilnius chills the soul, the Ninth Fort former prison camp near Kaunas feels cold and inhumane, the smell of the earth when standing in a Siberian yurt in Rumsiskes ethnographic museum brings Lina’s story to life. 

This ‘Between Shades of Gray’ tour is our contribution to furthering Ruta’s storytelling and bringing the readers closer to history. We also feel a duty to showcase today’s Lithuania that is beautiful, confident, friendly and fun!

There is every chance you will be guided by our very own Linas Zabaliunas during your tour and have opportunity to chat about the research of the novel and his fascinating role in uncovering local connections for our clients with Lithuanian heritage. Perhaps you are visiting Lithuania to discover your own Lithuanian family history? Then we can help you visit places of special interest to you and who knows what you will discover.

Take a look at our ‘Between Shades of Gray’ tour here. But remember we are specialists in tailor-made travel to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and beyond… we can tailor an itinerary to suit you. And if you are a group we can arrange a special ‘Between Shades of Gray’ group tour.

Published: 07 April 2017