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Published: 08 March 2018

Top 10 restaurants for a Baltic tour


1. Kitchen - Vilnius

Hidden away upstairs, accessed from a courtyard entrance and with views of the Swedish Embassy and the charming Rotiskes Aikste (Town Hall Square), 'Kitchen' feels like it should be some secret gentlemen's club. But no, this is a laid-back, contemporary place to eat fantastic food in a relaxed and friendly environment. Be it the lighting, the old town views from the windows, or the simple but cosy decor, this simple big room has always felt homely and welcoming. (


2. Forto Dvaras

You must try some traditional Baltic grub during your tour, and this is the place to do that. Upstairs the atmosphere is of a traditional wooden country house, with geraniums and gingham curtains at wooden windows, and this is the perfect scene in which to eat traditional potato pancakes or try the national Lithuanian dish Cepelinai. Mushrooms, potatoes and pork abound, with the odd 'kjievos kotletas' (chicken kiev) thrown in. Wholesome, hearty, traditional and warming experience that must be tried! Beware the Cepelinai might fill you up for your whole Baltic tour! (

Traditional Lithuanian food at Forto Dvaras restaurant


3. Vista Puode

If you are visiting Kaunas on your tour (which you certainly should if time allows) this place is a must. 'Grandma's chicken' and many other excellent dishes await you. This place is young, trendy, but also homely and traditional, the perfect mix and the food and drink reflect this too. Their homemade strawberryade is sublime and there is always something new and appealing on the menu. Even the heavier winter dishes feel fresh and homemade and good for you! (


4. Gutenbergs Rooftop Restaurant

If you are in Riga anytime from the sunny days of spring through to a mild autumn day, you have to visit this roof terrace restaurant. The views alone make you feel so submerged in Riga you feel Latvian in your soul, you can almost reach out and touch the Dome Cathedral. Just charming, and that is before any delicious food or refreshing drinks are served. An experience in itself even if you just have a drink, although you'll be hard pushed to get a table without a reservation for a meal. (

Gutenbergs rooftop restaurant in Riga Latvia


5. Restorans 3

This is serious seasonal cooking, and experimental at that. Without being too flash, the chefs here serve up cutting edge dishes seemingly using local ingredients and their mood of the day. The menu has a freedom about it, with quirky twists and intricate creative dishes. This is an opportunity to experience young experimental cooking at a great price compared to similar places in London for example. (


6. Fabrikas Hercogs Kipsala

There are a number of reasons to take a walk across the River Daugava to the opposite to old town. The view of old town is fantastic, Kalnciema quarter is a creative, arty area of Riga with attractive wooden architecture, and there is Fabrikas... When in Riga we will always make the trip to Fabrikas. The menu is always fresh, the food is outstanding, service excellent and the views great. We are always curious to know how the fresh oysters behind the bar are getting on too. We can still imagine the taste of the Thai soup we had last time, absolutely sublime! Highly recommended as it combines superb food with superb sightseeing. (



7. Mon Ami

Many of our clients stop in Parnu for a short sightseeing tour with their driver-guide or on their own, and some stay for a couple of nights so they can explore the beach, old town or Soomaa national park. Whatever their reason for visiting Parnu, we highly recommend they eat at Mon Ami. This place hits all the right notes, the atmosphere is smart yet relaxed, the menu is seasonal and varied, the staff attentive and the freshly baked cakes and tortes are just too good to resist. You can easily while away a few hours here, so maybe an overnight stay is best! (


8. Pegasus

You can hide away here. Once the friendly staff have explained the menu and taken your order, somehow you forget the hustle and bustle around you and focus on your food, drink and company. Dark and cosy, delicious and comfortable, and very popular with the locals; that is why you usually need to reserve a table in advance. (

Freshly prepared food at Pegasus Restaurant in Tallinn Estonia


9. Rataskaevu 16

It is rare you can walk in off the street here during popular hours - you need to book in advance if you really want to eat here. And you should. The atmosphere is convivial, like everyone knows and appreciates their food here, but no one shows off about it. It's really good and that is that. Friendly staff explain the menu, match your food up to the right wine, and bring you fantastic homemade breads and butters to accompany your meal. Well worth booking in advance. (


10. Rae Meierei

It's big, it's bold and it's brilliant! Cheese is the central theme going on here, in a food sense, not design or music. But the cheese theme is not overwhelming, perhaps because of the industrial scale and atmosphere of the building. Absolutely delicious food, great menu and friendly smiling staff - a truly enjoyable night out! (


11. And there are so many more...

All over the Baltics you will find exceptional local, traditional food and new contemporary cuisine based on the freshest of ingredients and seasonal produce. It was really hard to narrow down to a top ten, maybe we need to do another one again soon. Let us know your favourite restaurants in the Baltics, and if you are booked on a tour with us we can of course make restaurant reservations for your trip!

Skanaus! Labu apetiti! Head isu! Bon appetit!

Published: 08 March 2018